How Outsourcing Magento Web Development Can Help Your Business?

Wouldn’t you love it if you get the best laptop at the most reasonable price with the quality like a Macbook Pro? Of course Yes!  Who doesn’t like to buy the best things at cheap prices! Similarly outsourcing Magento Development Services from India is like getting the best services at affordable prices.

Web development outsourcing is a modern B2B practice widely followed in the IT industry. The companies may reap the benefits of outsourcing if they don’t have resources for an in-house IT team or they want to cut down the costs. But choosing the right outsourcing company for your projects is not an easy task.

In this highly-competitive digital world, it’s vital to deliver high-quality user experiences to stand out from the crowd. Poor user experience can put you at the risk of losing your prospects straight in the hands of your competitors. Undoubtedly, Magento is one of the best web development platforms for building eCommerce websites. Being a highly scalable, flexible, and rich-featured Magento Web Development platform has the capability to build interactive and intuitive websites.

Let’s discuss the key points you need to consider to choose the professional Magento outsourcing company for your projects.

How to choose the right Magento Outsourcing Company?

Determine what exactly you are looking for

The first step that will help you to choose the right web development company is to evaluate your project requirements. Once you’re clear with what exactly you are looking for, it becomes easy to take the final decision.

Magento Experience counts a lot

In order to select a good Magento Web Development Company, it is necessary to assess the company’s expertise. We advise you to ask the below set of questions:

How many years of experience the company has in web development, especially in Magento?

How many certified Magento Developers they have?

How many projects they’ve completed in your business niche?

Partnering a company that has a great deal of expertise and experience in Magento Website Development increases the success probability of your project. A company that has been operating for many years in the Magento Website Development gains a great deal of expertise and experience. Moreover, their expertise has been proven actually to real clients.

Data Integrity and Security

Data security becomes a matter of concern when outsourcing. Securing the shared data is a little bit difficult in case of outsourcing than during the in-house development process. Though there are different ways to prevent data stealing, however, it is always advisable to take actionable measures to shield data loss.

Non Disclosure Agreement

A legal document called Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) needs to be signed between the client and Magento Website Development Company before the commencement of the project. As Magento Web Development involves the transfer of confidential information, its becomes necessary to confirm in the contract that the project and the related information will not be shared with anyone outside without the client’s consent.

Access to Data

Make sure that only the responsible person has access to the shared data. The company should be vigilant about security risks and take robust measures for data and code protection from falling into wrong hands.

Code Transfer

The workflow of a trustworthy Magento Web Development Company will always be transparent. Therefore, choose the company that is ready to transfer the code with you.

Company’s size and reputation

The web development market is overflooded with dozens of companies, each one claiming to be the best in the market. But only a good Web Development Company can build an excellent reputation in this tough competition. High-quality work and experiences speaks.

Check out the Company’s portfolio

Before hiring a Magento Web Development Company, its better to look at their previous projects, existing projects, and clients. The company’s portfolio gives a detailed and in-depth look at the company’s accomplishments, demonstrates the developers’ skills, style and commitment onwards work.

Take some time to read testimonials

The best way to judge a company’s work is by considering the client reviews and testimonials. This will help you to know the ratio between the satisfied clients and unsatisfied ones. If their previous clients are satisfied with the work, they would have recommended the company and this will provide the preview of the company’s work and values.

Request the Developers Profiles

To make sure your project is going in the right hands, you may request the developers’ profile to the company comprising of their details- experience, certifications, qualification, previously deployed projects, and more,

Research Company’s Technology Expertise

In this highly-advanced technological world, professionals need to keep themselves updated about the latest technologies, in fact, the next-generation technologies. The developers should always be updated with the new Magento releases and updates. Hiring a company with less-trained Magento professionals may turn out to be a big loss in the future. That’s why make sure that the company possesses the kind of technical expertise you are looking for.

Quality Assurance of the project

Research whether the web development company uses the Agile methodology or scrum-based development approach or not.

Post-Deployment Support

Website maintenance is important to ensure the website’s high- performance, functioning, flawless user-experiences, maintain security and for many other reasons. The best Magento Development Company will always offer Magento Maintenance and Support Services to its clients.

Adhere to Timelines

The timely delivery of the undertaken project is very important in this fast-running digital world. It’s better to partner with the company that adheres to timelines.

Why choose Magento Development Services from Planet Web Solutions?

Work recognition by Clutch, GoodFirms, and more…

Our work has been constantly recognized by the top online communities that provide reviews, ratings, and Q&A of top software development companies. We are an award-winning software development company that has set benchmarks in the web development industry. We’ve been awarded by Clutch from last three years.

Please check: Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Recognized as a Top-10 E-Commerce Developer

Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Receives Another 5-star Rating

Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds prominent position in Top Magento Development Company 2019 globally

High Accuracy and Quality Service

We are a quality focussed company that aims to deliver high-quality products and services to its esteemed clientele. After and during the development phase, we conduct various quality control checks to ensure the client’s expectations are fully met.

Short Turnaround

We have a pool of Magento professionals who are capable enough to deal with the highest level of complex projects and deliver it within the estimated time. We always aim to complete the project in the shortest time.

Budget-friendly pricing options

We provide flexible pricing solutions to clients who are budget constraints.

Single-point Contact

We assign a Project Manager with whom the client can directly communicate and provide inputs and get information when needed.

Highly-experienced and skilled professionals

We handle Magento Development with utmost expertise and professionalism. We have experienced Magento Developers, Project Managers, Quality Analysts, Magento Web Designers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, Web Designers and more.


We handle client data with utmost security. Our data sharing networks are consistently monitored to ensure data is managed in a secured way.

24*7*365 Availability

You can expect round-the-clock availability if you partner with us. Our team is ready to serve at your time zone,

Outsource Magento Web Development Services to PWS

Planet Web Solution is backed by a team of highly-experienced Magento professionals who have solid hands-on experience in building customer-centric eCommerce websites. Backed by the team of highly-experienced and skilled Magento developers, Planet Web Solution is ready to build your strong online presence using a power Magento platform equipped with rich features and functionalities. As a reputed Magento Development Company, we offer a large scale of Magento Development Services. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we can deploy your project quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We offer end-to-end web development solutions helping startups, SMBs, and fortunes to take their business to great heights.

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