Magento 2 ERP Integration: 2020 Guide

Magento 2 ERP Integration 2020 Guide

Do you know the benefits you can derive from Magento 2 ERP integration, Magento 2 SAP integration, and Magento 2 Netsuite integration and Magento 2 SAGE integration?

In this blog, we will be sharing the benefits of each of them so that you make the best choice in selecting the most suitable ERP software.

Magento 2 ERP Integration

Magento ERP integration is a strategic action that helps to improve every aspect of the eCommerce business. Not only you can deliver flawless digital experiences to your customers but can also increase your revenue and the list goes on. Here we’ll highlight five reasons why it is important to integrate your Magento 2 eCommerce website with an ERP system.

Benefits of Magento 2 ERP Integration

Reason #1: Automate Business Processes

With Magento 2 ERP integration, any sales made on your Magento eCommerce website will right away appear on the ERP system which means the Admin can efficiently manage orders and other business processes.

Reason #2: Reduction of Inventory cost

Due to business process automation, system users will have accurate and hands-on information on inventory level and requirements and therefore, they’ll be able to effectively plan the purchase. Keeping track of stock will erase the chances of inventory mismanagement and which in turn reduce the inventory cost.

Reason #3: Reduces chances of errors

Magento ERP Integration means that customer details including order, payment, and shipping details will be directly uploaded from ERP to eCommerce portal, leaving no need to re-enter the data. This will reduce the manual processing time, chances of errors, and data redundancy.

Reason #4: Generate financial resorts with ease

Magento web development platform allows the users to generate sales-based financial reports. With Magento 2 ERP integration, eCommerce merchants will be able to generate a wide variety of financial reports such as cash flow statements, trial balance, balance sheets, and many more, which helps to provide financial transparency to the business.

Reason #5: Helps to grow your business

With updated real-time data, customers can check their order status, track shipment, and see the stock units left of each product, which in turn improves the overall customer experiences. It also helps the customer support team in providing accurate information to the customers. This helps in eliminating costly errors, saves valuable time, and helps in the overall growth of the company.

Integrate your Magento 2 eCommerce site with rich product information from SAP

The buying decision of online shoppers is greatly influenced by product images, highlighted product descriptions with the inclusion of videos. SAP provides end-to-end solutions for logistics, financials, manufacturing, and distribution, etc. When Magento and SAP are integrated together, the power of these applications can be of immense value to the distributors, customers, and sales.

Benefits of Magento 2 SAP integration

 #1: With Magento 2 SAP integrations, inventory is synced in real-time with into web inventory. This helps in eradicating out of stock scenarios.

#2: Magento 2 SAP integration ensure freight and tax calculations are implemented in real-time as and when transactions are processed. Thus, eliminating any sort of data inconsistencies.

#3: Dynamic pricing or discount coupons made in SAP will be instantaneously reflected in your Magento store and sales order. This helps to promote and increase sales.

#4: Customer details including billing and shipping address and more provided on the Magento site will be synced to SAP, offering accurate data and removing data redundancy.

#5: Magento 2 SAP integration helps the management to get an overall and detailed view of the business whenever required

Magento 2 Netsuite Integration

Whether your eCommerce store is built on Magento 2 Open Source Edition or Magento 2 Community Edition, we can help you to streamline your eCommerce operations with fully-managed Netsuite integration.

Benefits of Magento 2 Netsuite Integration

#1: Orders: Import customer details and sales orders from Magento 2 site into Netsuite for quick and accurate fulfillment and export other details like cancellations and refunds into Magento 2 store.

#2: Inventory: Auto synchronization of stock level from Magento 2 store to Netsuite and never leave any scope for inventory mismanagement.

#3: Multiple Currencies & languages: Magento 2 Netsuite integration helps in automatic currency conversion, cater product descriptions in multiple languages, manage multiple currencies transactions, and more.

#4: Financial Management: With Magento 2 Netsuite integration, its easy to manage finances more efficiently driving smarter decisions in a shorter time span.

#5: Supply Chain Management: With Magento 2 Netsuite integrations e-merchants get a friendly interface for designing, executing, and managing supply chain management plans.

Magento 2 Sage Integration: Benefits

  1. It offers the flexibility to manage complex business processes like purchasing, supply chain, CRM, payments, accounting, finances, and more.
  1. Magento 2 Sage integration helps to save time and money as you don’t need to worry about managing monetary transactions, manage the inventory level, or make manual updates.

Magento store works better with integration

Are you looking for a Magento 2 ERP, SAP, Netsuite, or SAGE integration solution to improve your Magento 2 order management processes and eliminate costly repetitive data entry? Or Do you want to ensure that products, pricing, stock are always up to date in your Magento 2 store? Or Do you want to improvise order fulfillment time?

Our Magento experts can help you to select the most suitable ERP software that can take your Magento store to the next level.

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