How to Select the Right WordPress Development Agency?

How to Select the Right WordPress Development Agency


Looking to outsource WordPress Development Services? Are you in a dilemma of choosing the right offshore WordPress Development Agency?

WordPress is one of the most popular web development platforms that has got a wide popularity among the business community in the recent years. WordPress is a user-friendly, pocket-friendly, easily customizable CMS used by the businesses across the globe for creating their brand websites. Because of numerous benefits offered by WordPress CMS, thousands of businesses are opting for it. For startups and small businesses with limited funds, WordPress is the best web development platform for the website creation. In order to achieve the expected results from the WordPress platform, it is important to hire WordPress experts or experienced WordPress development agency

As the digital market is over flooded with dozens of web development companies, each one claiming to be best, not all are equipped with great expertise, experience and talent.  That’s why we have summarized the list of points to be considered or taken care of while selecting the right WordPress Development Agency for your new project. This article will help you to choose the right professional WordPress Development Agency offering top-quality services as per the project requirements.

Selecting the right WordPress Development Agency will be the key to the project’s success.

Learn to select the right WordPress Development Agency

With ample things to consider, it is vital to have a list of criteria to be used to examine the WordPress Development Agency for your next project. Practically there would be a different set of skills required for each project and one size cannot fit all. The one which is the right agency for you may not be the best fit for other businesses demanding different sets of skills and expertise. Keeping majority of basis and advanced project requirements in mind of various business niche, we’ve prepared the list of top 5 things to consider while determining the right WordPress development agency for your business.

1. Geographical location of the Company | Accessible WordPress Agency

If you are planning to hire an offshore WordPress Development Agency, the location of the company plays an important role in performing its task on time. If you have partnered with an agency with a different time zone, there are good chances that they won’t be available during your business hours. Technical issues might occur anytime and if you do not get immediate support, things could turn out nasty and cost-cutting from offshoring could result in extravagance. That’s why it is important to have a technical partner 24*7 to solve such unexpected issues, despite the time zone. Now the question is which location should be considered as the right one for your agency of choice? In most of the cases, this decision might be in prejudice with budget, communication preferences and the work pattern of the agency partner. You may ask them about the turnaround time for your messages and how soon they can fix the emergency changes.

2. Review past client Feedbacks, Testimonials & Company’s Portfolio

One of the best ways to evaluate the prospective agency is to go through the feedback or testimonials of the past clients. Any company offering high-quality services would definitely share their success stories on their website. Reviewing the past work will help you to get an insight into how good they are at handling and managing projects, do they adhere to timelines, do they meet the client’s expectations and fulfill project requirements and so on. Scrutinizing the company’s portfolio will help you to thoroughly evaluate the completed projects. Make sure to check whether they possess some experience in your industry as this could be an extra advantage for your project. Although not having any previous experience in your business niche shouldn’t result in disqualifying an agency from consideration.

Judging a company from the published testimonials and portfolio is a right approach? What in case, they are fake?

Look beyond the Portfolio

Do not hesitate to raise queries about the portfolio of the potential WordPress Development Agency. You may ask those questions such as:

  • Did the inhouse team of WordPress developers do the entire job?
  • Did they design the site or just migrated it from a different platform?
  • Do they have their in-house team of WordPress Developers or designers or do they outsource the work?

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3. Value Vs. Cost

One of the major reasons behind outsourcing a WordPress Development Agency is cutting down the cost and getting the top-notch services without incurring fixed expenses. Sometimes cutting today’s costs may lead to tomorrow’s major expense. Creating a custom and responsive site might look costly initially but ultimately it will be beneficial to your business in the long-run. We advise you to set the approximate cost for your project and ask what valuable services the WordPress Development agency can offer you in that cost and then make a thorough comparison between the value and cost.

4. Partner with a Strong Team

An open communication, transparency and clear collaboration from both the sides is very important for successful project deployment. This helps in quick decision making and great teamwork. Give more weightage to a WordPress Development Agency that has a strong hierarchical team of developers, designers and project managers.

How to judge whether the potential WordPress Development Agency has a strong team or not?

  • A company with a strong team will explain their methodology in detail.
  • They will propose the techniques that have the capability to meet your project objectives.
  • They will set the methodology and budget in the beginning and make sure the budget does not exceed at the time of project completion.

 5. Look for an Advisory WordPress Development Agency

Consultative support is also important as technical support from the WordPress Development Agency you’re partnering to. Consultative support in terms of unique and profitable business ideas, effective tips to reach the target audience, business insights for future growth is equally important as technical support from the partnering company.


Still confused about which company to choose for WordPress Development Services? Of Course this big decision requires a lot of research to find the best that can fit into the unique business needs.

We’re very proud to be a trusted Website Development Company, having excellence in developing websites on popular web development platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and more. We’ve successfully deployed dozens of WordPress projects since 2004 and we’ve a huge client retention rate because of our outstanding work at affordable prices. If you’re still struggling to choose the right WordPress Development Agency, feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to guide you through the entire process and offer the best solution as per the project’s specific needs.

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