Why Choose Shopify for eCommerce Store Development?

Why Choose Shopify for eCommerce Store Development

COVID-19 pandemics have entirely changed the market scenario and new ways of doing business have emerged. Keeping social distancing and other things in mind, modern shoppers are giving more preference to online shopping rather than visiting brick and mortar stores. This inclination towards online shopping is somehow activating brick and mortar store owners to build their online shop and sell goods and services on a digital platform.

It’s a great time to build an eCommerce store

If you’re an entrepreneur and looking to make a profitable entry in the eCommerce space, we advise you to opt Shopify Store Development Services to power your store and give it a skyrocket start. Though there are other web development platforms too like Magento, Woocommerce, Presta, BigCommerce and more. But Shopify Web Development Services are most preferred by the sellers looking for an efficient, simple, rich-featured platform.

Why choose Shopify?

  • Shopify is a great platform for stores that aims to sell goods and services requiring a minimal amount of configuration.
  • Shopify is best for people not willing to handle any technicalities related to hosting and development of the online store.
  • Shopify is loaded with a bundle of features to help entrepreneurs to set up and manage their online store hassle-free.
  • With Shopify, entrepreneurs will be able to leverage everything starting from selling on social platforms to international sales, building online shops to power integrations and many more.

11 Benefits of Choosing Shopify for eCommerce Website Development

  1. Quick setup & Easy to use

The non-tech entrepreneurs fear to start their eCommerce stores because of the obstacles they would face in handling and managing eCommerce storefront. Shopify provides the platform for non-coders as hosting and servers are taken care by Shopify. All you need is to go to the Shopify website and make an account registration with them.

  • The user can easily customize the Shopify store, upload product images, create/edit product descriptions, add image titles, customize color schemes, and more.
  • The Admin can easily manage inventory, manage transactions, track orders and sales, offer discounts and more from the Shopify Dashboard.
  1. Offers exceptional features to create visually appealing online shop

The Shopify platform offers dozens of professional templates helping to create attractive and unique online stores that aim to grab maximum user attention. The team of PWS designers and developers are highly talented in creating a store with rich UI and notable UX.

  1. Highly Secured and Reliable

No entrepreneur wants to take the risks of getting their online store hacked. Security is one of the major concerns of an eCommerce store owner. It’s very important to maintain the security of the eCommerce website as it contains a lot of confidential information- not just your own private or business information but client details too including their name, contact details, credit/debit card details etc..

Shopify offers a strong security system and reliable web hosting to its customers. With Shopify Store Development Services, you don’t need to worry about security issues, you’ve got it covered. The entrepreneurs can freely focus to manage and grow their business, concentrating on selling the products without worrying about the security and reliability of the eCommerce store.

  1. Easy to install available apps

Shopify offers numerous easy to install apps. These apps (similar to plugins on WordPress) can be easily activated on your store and can add dozens of features to the store. For example you can install an app allowing customers to leave a review/rating/feedback of the product they’ve purchased. Similarly, you can download an app allowing you to track and maintain customer enquiries. Installing and activating such apps is very easy in Shopify and they provide enhanced features helping you to manage your store in a better way and deliver seamless customer experiences.

  1. Easy Payment Gateway

Secured and reliable payment gateways are must for eCommerce stores. The store owners are expected to offer multiple payment options to their customers. While this is a matter of concern for self-hosted eCommerce sites, it’s not an issue for entrepreneurs using Shopify as it is easy to set up payment gateway. Shopify has its own payment gateway- Stripe payment and it offers excellent checkout experience to customers. Shopify stores can be easily integrated with PayPal and also support debit card and credit card payments.

  1. Mobile-responsive

Shopify platform was developed keeping everything in mind that facilitates seamless customer experiences. This is not a secret that a major portion of the internet users accesses the internet using their smartphones. This is why a mobile-responsive website is very important for eCommerce success. Shopify builds extremely mobile-responsive websites and they keep on updating new features ensuring customers have a hassle-free shopping experience. Shopify takes care of all the technical aspects leaving store owners with the work of just selling and managing their inventory.

  1. Shopify is affordable

Every entrepreneur wishes to get the best services at affordable costs and earn maximum profit out of it. Shopify offers affordable pricing plans starting from $29 for basic plans and increases up to $299 for some premium plans. Additional expenses include transaction fees for selling products online and subscription fees to use the apps. If compared with other eCommerce solutions, Shopify Web Development is comparatively less expensive. And compared to the benefits, features and functionalities offered by Shopify, it is worth it.

Because of its affordable pricing, Shopify Store Development Services has become the first choice for startups, SMBs as well as fortunes.

  1. Marketing tools

After setting up the online store, the next important step is to optimize it for search engines so that people seeking your products may find your store easily. The basic package of Shopify Website Development includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features enabling your store to rank high on popular search engines. It also comes up with advanced eCommerce analytics that provides information about how the customers are finding you and how well your inbound marketing efforts are performing. Apart from integrated SEO tools, Shopify provides fundamental marketing tools such as store statistics, custom gift cards, discount codes, social network integration, email marketing, and more.

  1. World-class customer support

Choosing Shopify Store Development Services ensures 24*7 support via live chat, email or call. In case you experience any issue with your eCommerce website, Shopify customer support will resolve your issues any time of day.

  1. Omnichannel

Shopify is packed with capabilities to sell goods and services across different channels. Shopify merchants can integrate their stores with social networks like Facebook and Pinterest allowing their customers to make a purchase without the need of leaving Facebook and Pinterest Omnichannel solution offers great benefits to eCommerce stores.

To know more about Omnichannel solution, please read: How Omnichannel commerce solution eases your retail supply chain?

  1. Scalability

Shopify offers the convenience of scaling up the business as and when required. Entrepreneurs can easily upgrade their Shopify plan whenever they want to extend their business. Though all plans offer unlimited bandwidth but higher plans offer more features and less credit card rate, so that if the seller will sell more, he’ll pay less as an expense for each transaction.

Start your Shopify Journey with Planet Web Solution 

Planet Web Solution is a leading Shopify Website Development Company backed by a team of highly experienced Shopify Developers and Designers providing custom Shopify store development services across the globe. At Planet Web Solution, we develop sales-focused eCommerce websites within the pre decided time duration. We have years of expertise in developing beautiful and profitable Shopify stores for diverse business niches and sizes. Our teams of Shopify experts are known for their technical excellence and proactive development approach. We offer a comprehensive range of Shopify Development services and also we offer migrating current stores to Shopify at competitive prices, without any data loss.

If you’re planning to build an eCommerce store, it is the right time to invest in Shopify Store Development Services. You can share your requirements with us, our Shopify experts will get the perfect solution for your project.

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