A Peek Inside Recent Website Redesign

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A Peek Inside Recent Website Redesign

Uncategorized, Web Design | Apr 14, 2022

Every company or brand needs to redesign its website to keep up with the changing marketing trends from time to time. A website redesign is a challenging and time-consuming task,…

Top 10 Push Notification Tools to Boost Mobile App Engagement

Uncategorized | Jun 03, 2016

  Everything in your mobile app should be delivered from the mindset of benefiting your target audience… Designing a remarkable app is one thing, engaging users is another! To be…

7 Best Payment Processing Libraries For Your iOS App

Uncategorized | Jun 01, 2016

  Today, more and more people are looking to their mobile devices to surf the internet instead of out very old computers. According to a survey, people spend 85% of…

How To Achieve your 2016 E-Commerce Goals

Uncategorized | May 30, 2016

Despite being in the technology era, many businessmen and retailers still find E-commerce as a relatively new term. Considering the pressure of getting online, in order to increase visibility and…

Why Facebook Deliberately Crashed its Android Application

Uncategorized | Jan 08, 2016

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless…” It seems Facebook swears by these words of American author Jeffrey Gitomer! The social networking site was recently accused of crashing its…