Top 10 Push Notification Tools to Boost Mobile App Engagement


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Everything in your mobile app should be delivered from the mindset of benefiting your target audience…

Designing a remarkable app is one thing, engaging users is another! To be able to deliver the right content, at the right time and to the right user is the most crucial step to better mobile app engagement. Push notifications, one of the most effective ways of driving frequency and higher mobile app engagement, are the easiest and fastest means of alerting users about updates, news, and other useful information. It’s estimated that smartphone users who allow push notification on their mobile app have 88% higher engagement. It can even engage users when their app is not in active state.

Further, it has been observed that most of the mobile users don’t go back to the app after using it; that is when a well-aimed push notification helps give a colossal boost to your sales funnel. This proves that push notification means a lot in achieving better user engagement and app retention rates. Your aim should be to grab more app engagement and deep connection with your users than your arch rivals. Here are the best features of push notification that serve a powerful engine to boost mobile app engagement:

Urban Airship

Urban Airship is the best toolkit to start with if you are a beginner of mobile app optimization. It is a mobile app messaging platform that combines engagement strategies, mobile analytics and push notification techniques together allowing app engagement and integration, especially on Apple Passbook and Google wallet, allowing retailers the ability to store details like deals and loyalty cards. It helps deliver tailored, engaging, in-app notification and one of a kind messaging center for users based on their geographical locations, mobile platforms, and preferences. Its intuitive web-based editor schedules updates and preview them across varied mobile operating systems. Urban Airship features helps to view detailed and contextual analytics reports and allows to you optimize future campaigns accordingly.


This is a tool that helps to easily monitor the actions people take on either your mobile or web apps.
Instead of trailing page views, Mixpanel tracks the activities and events and let you know where you need to give more attention to. The main features that Mixpanel offers are: Targeted messages, notifications scheduling and A/B scheduling to help you figure out the correct message. The tool also provides instant and real-time data analysis, retroactive funnel reports as well as event tracking.

Push Woosh

Looking for a highly scalable push notification service that offers value for money? Push Woosh is the toolkit for you. Being harmonious with multiple platforms, Push Woosh provides an easy segmentation and reporting with the advanced statistics support, multi-languages support as well as location-based tagging. The tool allows sending push notifications to all the major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. It also provides time zone, push scheduling, geolocation push and a private cloud.


This friendly mobile app engagement platform is a major tool to run multiple push notifications. It assists developers and marketing team to easily run push notification campaigns.
It allows in-app messaging and rich customizable message stream for push notifications. Carnival comes with audience segmentation, rich messaging and message automation that comprise user behavior analytics, location, and time zone settings which can be easily automated and sent directly to the inbox.
The best thing about Carnival is its auto-analytics integrations with analytics providers. Further, it a preferred tool for e-commerce, consumer businesses and loyalty apps as it can be of good use when it comes to personalized and rich messaging.


Built on scalable cloud service, Swrve is incorporated with a complete mobile marketing automation platform, A/B Testing and an optimization platform for a mobile app. It provides principle features such as mobile in-app campaigns, messaging and market automation.


Nudgespot allows generating automated or triggered push notifications to particular sections based on user behavior. It features proactive, customized notifications and user reports.


It allows sending messages right away to any mobile platform directly from your dashboard. It helps choose your audience based on specific devices, username, send broadcasts and geographical locations.
It comprises engagement campaigns, retargeting and dynamic push notifications.

Oracle’s is a programming tool that helps in managing notifications and performing audience reviews.
It mainly focuses on e-mail notifications and SMS. It offers features like individualized customer-centric SMS campaigns, auto push, and advanced analytics.


Mblox helps to reach your mobile app users with push messaging and offers a tailored app experience to them as well. The mobile SDK provides easy delivery of push notifications and in-app rich content messages. Mblox focuses on targeted marketing campaigns through push messages and even helps marketers divide their audience into particular segments according to their location and behavior patterns. It offers multiple format messages, two-way messaging, long message support, and data-driven campaigns.


QuickBlox is termed to be a great app that provides an extensive range of push services such as automated reception of scores, alerts, updates, news, call to actions and reminders. You get various unique calls to action, regardless the push notification sent. It offers several unique calls to action in spite of sending the push notification. It provides features like calling, messaging tools and customized scheduling.

This list of just push notification tools shows that it really matters when it comes to achieving better user engagement and app retention. Push notifications make life easy for you and your mobile app users as they deliver targeted and convincing messaging to increase usage of your app. These push notifications are consent-based, which means your users have to actively opt-in before they receive notifications. So whichever push notifications tool you choose, all you got to do is, ensure that your user’s first app experience will compel them to opt for more push messaging!

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