A Peek Inside Recent Website Redesign

A Peek Inside Recent Website Redesign

Every company or brand needs to redesign its website to keep up with the changing marketing trends from time to time. A website redesign is a challenging and time-consuming task, and many businesses try to avoid it for as long as possible.

However, there comes a time when you can no longer avoid it. Having a well-crafted plan for your website redesign and executing it flawlessly can ensure that the redesigning process goes smoothly.

Here we give you a few insights on recent website redesign to help redesign yours.

Start With The Design Concept

The first step to redesigning a website is looking at the existing design and finding the flaws. Make a list of things you don’t like and want to change. The layout, color scheme, navigation style, content placement, call to action buttons, analyze everything on your website.

Also, keep track of things you like and don’t want to change in your new website. You need to ensure that these elements are not affected during redesigning.

Consider the new features you want to incorporate into your website.

You can also take feedback from your customers to know what they would like to see on your new website.

Get On To The Coding

Once you can visualize what you want for your new website, the next step is to start working on the execution. Redesigning your website involves coding, graphic designing, and customization. You can have a team of in-house developers do it, or hire professionals magneto development agency like Planet Web Solution to do the coding for you. The coding stage is critical as, during this time, many changes will be made to your existing website, and you may even have to lose some traffic due to that.

Testing and Development

It is natural to fear that the effects of the changes may go entirely against your business. That’s why it is essential to have a proficient team by your side who knows what they are doing and how it will affect your business. It is best to hire a team of professionals who understand the challenges that can come up. If you have any specific changes you want, you need to discuss them with the developers to know if they can execute them.

You may have to build multiple templates for testing during the development stage. It is essential to identify which elements are working as you want them to and what changes you need to make. Changing the designs before you launch the website is critical as you don’t want any glitches or bugs later on.

Adding More Content

Redesigning your website involves adding many new web pages to your website. You will need to add a lot of content to these new pages and some old ones. Have a well-defined content strategy for your website before you redesign it. Consider the images you will add to these pages, as they will play a vital role in your content strategy.


The final step is to launch your new website and have a measurement mechanism to analyze whether your changes give you the results you have hoped for. Know that you are all set to redesign your website and reap the benefits for your business.

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