What Vue Skills Do You Need For 2022?

What Vue Skills Do You Need For 2022?

As a developer, you need to stay on top of the framework you are working with. Updating your framework knowledge and development skills is how you keep up with the changing needs. Vue is a prevalent and demanding framework that regularly needs you to advance your skills.

Read on to know some essential Vue skills you need to have in 2022 to provide the best services to your clients.

Composition API

Composition API is a collection of APIs in Vue that enables you to write Vue codes with imported functions instead of declaring options. The composition API covers Reactivity API, Lifecycle Hooks, and Dependency Injection APIs.

Why do you need a Composition API?

There are several reasons you need to acquaint yourself with the Composition API Vue. They are:

  • It enables you to reuse your logic better, solving the drawbacks of mixins.
  • If you have worked with Vue, you know that Options API poses severe limitations once your code has reached a certain complexity threshold.
  • Composition API can help overcome most of these limitations, especially those that concern logical limitations.

The Options API is not great with the Type inference, and it sometimes breaks. With the Composition API, you can use the Type Inference perfectly.

Overall, the composition API can make Vue’s development much more organized, efficient and flexible, so you must add it to your skills in 2022.


Another development you need to add to your Vue skills arsenal is Pinia. It is an innovative state management paradigm that can end up replacing Vuex. It was started as an experiment by Eduardo San Martin Morote to see how a Global Store for Vue would work with the composition API. The experiment produced excellent results. It comes with devtools support and hot module replacement. You also get proper typescript support with Pinia.

Next 3

Next 3 is a new server engine called Nuxt Nitro, a lightweight platform-independent server with no runtime dependencies. What makes Next 3 stand out is that it enables you to create API routes directly in your Nuxt app like you create pages. You can also get TypeScript support with Next 3. Having Nuxt 3 in your skills list can make you more efficient and faster as a Vue developer.

Script Setup Syntax

Like Nuxt 3, Vue 3 has also done a complete rewrite in TypeScript. It means that now you get top-notch typescript support in Vue itself.

However, to utilize it in your Vue apps, you need a Script setup syntax. It is a compile-time syntactic that enables you to use composition API in single file components.

With this syntax, you can write concise codes and better runtime components, and it also provides better IDE type-inference performance.


Vite is an innovative tool described as the next generation of front-end tooling. Vite.js comes with a dev server and bundles your code for production. It is tremendously faster than Vue CLI and more flexible, making it an excellent tool for your development process.


GraphQL is a query language like SQL used to read and mutate data in the APIs. It supplies a means to backend developers that helps them describe data schema. It helps front-end developers ask what they want precisely to reduce over fetching and under fetching of data in a traditional REST setup.

It is an essential tool to have if you want to communicate better with your team.

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