How Much Does An Ecommerce Site Cost?

How Much Does An Ecommerce Site Cost?

Setting up your eCommerce business is a highly lucrative idea in the business world today. With increasing digitization, online stores have become the future of the business world. However, to have your e-commerce business, the first thing you need is an eCommerce website. Before you build your e-commerce website, you should know some essential things, and the most crucial question is how much would it cost me?

The answer is there is no one size fits all solution, and the cost will vary on the type of site you want, the platform you pick, and the team you are using to build one.

Type of Business

The first thing you need to determine is what type of business is yours. If it is a small business startup with no high-ned customization requirements, you can opt for a SaaS eCommerce platform, and it can fulfill all your basic needs and cost less than other options.

However, if you need a more complex website with various integrations to other systems, an open-source platform like magneto would be better.

The Team You Hire

The next task is to determine whom you want to build your site. Here also you have three options:

Hire a freelancer:

Hiring a freelancer is your best option if you want more competitive prices. They offer lower rates as they don’t have to deal with overhead costs. However, their services risk being unreliable without a proper team and workflow management.

Hire an eCommerce agency:

These agencies work at an hourly rate which can go up to 30 dollars to 200 dollars an hour. However, with a professional company like Planet Web Solutions, you get an entire team of experts, access to their knowledge tools, and different software they use. They can also do high-end customizations and integrations for you.

An in-house development team:

The last option is to have an in-house team of developers. This option can cost you way more than the other options, not just in finances but also in time and effort.

The platform you pick

The final stage in determining the cost is the platform you develop your eCommerce website. Here we give you an overview of the developing costs of a site on Magento.

Small eCommerce website cost

Magento is an open-source platform with a free edition that can be used for small business eCommerce website development. It would be best to calculate the cost of coding, configuration, and hosting when the option for this.

Choosing magneto with no themes, integration, or out-of-the-box functionalities can cost you $10,000 approximately.

Mid-size eCommerce website cost

If you want more functionalities on your website than the basic free version can offer, as you have a mid-sized business with a somewhat built catalog of products, you will require custom development.

Here you will have to use additional out-of-the-box features magneto provides, and it can cost about $55,000 or more, depending on what ‌ integrations and customizations you want. If you integrate it with ERP solutions such as Business Central, the cost will increase.

Big enterprise eCommerce website

Your cost will rise if you have a full-fledged business with millions of dollars and need a large-scale website. The site will get a large amount of traffic and should be equipped to handle all kinds of customizations and integrations. The cost of creating such a site on magneto can go up to 125,000 dollars.

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