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How To Rank Higher On Google With Next.JS?

Digital Marketing, Google, SEO | May 26, 2022

Next.js is a flexible React framework built on Node.js that gives you building blocks to create faster web applications. It enhances the user experience and provides rapid feature development, making…

Expert Views on Digital Marketing Trends

Google, Internet Marketing, SEO, SMO | Jun 19, 2015

In the current times, it has been very difficult for the Digital Marketers to search for and adapt to any strategy or trend that can be considered "perfect" to achieve…

What to Expect from Mobile Friendly Update: Expert Views

Google, News, SEO | May 26, 2015

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update released on 21st April this year has definitely created a buzz in the Digital Marketing world. You can find lots of posts about the “#mobilegeddon” update…

Latest Google Update Rolls Out – Panda 4.1

Google, Internet Marketing, News | Sep 26, 2014

Well Webmasters, Here it comes!! Another Mixed Blessing for you, in the form of Latest Update in the Google Panda Algorithm. You’ll soon figure out, why It’s mixed. The News…

Google Page Layout Update Refresh

Google, News, SEO | Feb 11, 2014

Google’s Matt Cutts yesterday tweeted that they have released the refresh to Page Layout Update. A.k.a Top Heavy algorithm, it hit those sites which contain too much ads above the…

Funny April Fool pranks by Google!

Google | Apr 02, 2013

Google again leads ahead as a Prankster in cracking Jokes on 1 April of this year. Sit-back and enjoy them below. YouTube Shutting Down: (more…)

Improved Real Time reports in Google Analytics

Analytics, Google | Apr 02, 2013

Google Analytics team is doing a great job for web-masters analyzing the traffic on their websites and also helps a great deal in improving online marketing strategies. With new real-time…

Panda Update 24- A New Challenge to Stay In the Competition

Google, SEO | Feb 11, 2013

Google has officially announced the first Panda update of 2013 with Panda Refresh 24, released on 22nd of January, 2013. Since its inception in February 2011, Panda Updates have thrilled…

Is an Exact Match Domain (EMD) Name Right for You After Google EMD Update?

Google, SEO | Oct 04, 2012

“Content is the king”, it seems that Google is following this phrase strictly- Panda and Penguin are result of this phrase. After PANDA and PENGUIN, everyone expected that some version…