Improved Real Time reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics team is doing a great job for web-masters analyzing the traffic on their websites and also helps a great deal in improving online marketing strategies. With new real-time reporting introduced, now webmasters can also track traffic activities to their website during a promotional event etc.

Real Time Reports give the data about visitor’s activity on the website instantaneously. These reports are updated automatically after an event or activity occurred on the website. To improve remove real time reporting Google recently upgraded it with new reports and features as follows:

  • Events Report – Allows us to filter traffic statistics according to the selection of events or categories. Just Click on the Events under Real-Time and access real time data. Clicking on any of the category will result in displaying all the event actions for the selected category.
  • Device Type– Filter your visitors based on devices used by them to access your website. You can see visitors accessing your website from either “Desktop”, “Mobile”, or “Tablet”.
  • Shortcuts – If you like only few of the segments in this section then you can create a shortcut for your favourite Real-Time segment. Click on “Create Shortcut” and give a name for selected shortcut.
  • Compare Real-time statistics with over-all Statistics – This feature allows you to compare page visits of your segmented users to overall traffic and can identify which part of your site’s promotion campaigning is converting immediately. For example you can compare the fraction of traffic from a particular city with overall traffic.

I believe real time traffic tracking would be more efficient with new reports and features. Good work Google!

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