Why Facebook Deliberately Crashed its Android Application

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless…” It seems Facebook swears by these words of American author Jeffrey Gitomer!

The social networking site was recently accused of crashing its android app just to test consumer loyalty and patience.

Facebook deliberately crashed the app multiple times to know how many Facebook users can put up with constant app crashes. The company did that by secretly introducing artificial errors that would automatically crash the android smartphone app for few hours.

According to reports, “The purpose of the test, which happened several years ago, was to see, by what threshold would a person ditch the Facebook app altogether. The company wasn’t able to reach the threshold. People never stopped coming back.”

Facebook even went far with their loyalty meter by temporarily taking the app off the Google Play store, just to check the reactions of the users. If the sources are to be believed, the company is having issues with Google and its app store. The antagonistic behavior between Facebook and Google has compelled Facebook to take such measures. Should Google boots Facebook’s android app from the Play Store in future, Facebook could find a backdoor for its loyal users.

Facebook’s habit of experimenting on customers has yet again invited criticism. The company’s obsession to position itself as a crucial part of its users’ daily life time and again just to know their response, might not be a good practice in the long run.

Although, this time, the loyalty meter did pay off for Facebook!

Sources: http://www.businesstoday.in/technology/news/facebook-deliberately-crashed-its-android-app-report/story/227873.html


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