Node JS Web Development And Its Advantages

Node.js Web Development

The world of web development is constantly evolving and multi-dimensional. As a developer, you need to choose the right frameworks and platforms to work with to create the best websites for your business. Node JS is one such open cross-platform you can use to run your JavaScript code outside a browser. Many renowned companies such as Netflix and Uber use Node JS to run their web applications.

Here is everything you need to know about Node Js.

Features of Node JS

Some of the most popular companies and the unpopular ones use Node Js because it has some stunning features that make it one of the best web development frameworks. They are:

  • Node JS comes with its open-source libraries and a large ecosystem.
  • It has an asynchronous architecture with microservices
  • The working and execution are clean and straightforward, making it easy for a JavaScript developer to use it.
  • It has a single-thread nature with a faster development process making it easy to scale.
  • You can use it to create SASS, service and desktop platforms while making it an efficient tool.

Advantages of Node JS

There are several advantages of using Node JS for web development. Some of the prominent ones include:


One of the best parts about using Node JS is its easy interface, and web developers familiar with JavaScript can easily use it to build websites. It makes it flexible to use and scale for businesses and development agencies.

An efficient tool to build web apps

Another advantage of Node Js is that it has a significantly faster process for bustling chat apps or gaming apps than PHP. It has speedier synchronisation and prevents HTTP overload.

Comprehensive suite

Node JS works on an innovative V8 engine by Google. Its event loop mechanism to handle asynchronous actions makes tasks like database reading and writing, network connections, and file system access significantly faster. It hence turns into a comprehensive site that is ideal for all types of web development processes.

Caching’s benefits

With the help of Node JS, you can cache a single module where it captures the first module into the memory. Therefore, whenever the data is requested, it is given directly from memory, and you don’t have to rerun the code every time, saving time.

Why do you need Node JS for your next project?

There are several reasons why Node Js should be your choice framework for your development projects. They are:

Project Code Sharing

The node package manager or NPM allows you to share your projects easily. That’s why it is so popular among developers. With other framework projects, sharing is a task.

Continuous Assistance

You need Node JS because it offers constant support for one and half years after you add it as long-term support. However, your developers will have to take care of any new bugs or security patches.


If you are shying away from using Node JS due to budget concerns, you should know you don’t need a significant financial commitment to use it. The human resources and effort you save by using Node Js make it worth the price you pay. In the end, it turns out to be cheaper than many of its counterparts.

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