7 Best Payment Processing Libraries For Your iOS App


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Today, more and more people are looking to their mobile devices to surf the internet instead of out very old computers. According to a survey, people spend 85% of their time using apps on their smartphones and tablets, either gaming, exploring new arenas or shopping smart. With the upsurge in the popularity of shopping through smartphone apps, eCommerce iOS apps are also emerging at a fast pace. But to complete the transaction successfully on you iPhone app, it is required to integrate a secure payment processing system to smoothly run the payment process. Here are 7 best iOS payment processing libraries, allowing you to effortlessly make the payment right from iPhone app.


Off late, Stripe is grabbing a lot of attention in the developing world! This developer-friendly payment system was launched in 2011 with an aim to take care of credential transactions and ensured its safety. According to developers, Stripe has been the simplest solution for payments so far. It’s user-friendly, has easy to use control features, simple transaction, and well documented API. Stripe has become the most loved processing library for your apps. It offers native libraries for Android and iOS apps that allow transferring the credential or credit card information directly from the user’s browser. Stripe is a safer and much-secured platform to pay from your app as it comes with an added security feature that will not only safeguard the sensitive data but also makes it impossible to steal the credential data. Further, Stripe library is backward compatible with iOS 5.0.


Another library that is gaining grounds after Stripe is BrainTree. This full-stack payment platform makes it easy to accept payments through your iOS app. The processing library is famous for its easy integrated features, a number of payment modes and quick checkout option. In short, BrainTree is a quick and easy payment processing choice for your iOS app. It allows for swift mobile purchases without requiring users to create an account on an e-commerce site or enter credit card details every time they want to buy something.


Whether it is providing access to all data, high level of customization, processing payment framework in PHP 5.3+, providing details about payment transactions, customers or errors, Payum has it all. Basically, it has everything to do with providing access to all the information about communication between payment gateway and code. Therefore, it is known as one of the most versatile libraries. Payum is ideal for eCommerce businesses that are looking to offer features like recurring payments, instant notifications, simple capture and refund of payment. Payum framework includes Stripe, PayPal, Be2Bill, Klarna, Authorize.net and more.


Popular for being the easiest gateways to integrate with PHP, PayPal helps to download iOS payments library SDK and also implement MPL components in your iOS app. PayPal offers a complete set of tools with extensive credentials and examples. The APIs available for PayPal comprises express checkout, direct payments, fraud management filters and more. This payment processing library is popular for its powerful renewal feature. It allows customers to allocate a default funding source and shipping address.


Authorize.net, a highly secure and easy to integrate platform, is famous for providing hassle-free payment processing with a great user interface. It simplifies the payment process and is equipped with tools to accept payments virtually at anytime and anywhere. It allows the payment acceptance via Master Card, Visa, PayPal, etc., and also allows the user to safely save the credit card information for later use. Apart from this, Authorize also comes with features that can fight fraud and back customer support.


Named as the fastest growing payment processing library in the US, Mercury is equipped with reliable service, fast transactions, and PCI-compliant data security. Integrating Mercury in your iOS app makes payment transactions simple as its state-of-the-art integrated processing technology makes online transactions easy and reliable. Mercury lets you accept all payment types, has great customer support and customized reporting options.


WorldPay, popular for its payment processing and better customer services, has emerged as one of the largest global merchant acquirers. It delivers a secure and dependable platform that qualifies dealers to accept all payment types from cross multiple channels, anywhere around the world. It offers access to payment libraries and online payment options for iOS along with data analytics and optimization. WorldPay is a trusted resource in both Europe and in U.S.

Final Words

Some payment libraries provide full security, other provides customization and alternative payment options… With such a wide variety of payment libraries available today, it is necessary to choose one that perfectly fits your iOS app requirement and enhance your app’s user experience. For this, you need to choose wisely by analyzing the features, pros, and cons of each iOS payment library and then select the ideal one.

We hope this article serves as a useful roadmap to help you choose a suitable payment processing libraries for your iOS app.

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