How much does it cost to build a Magento website in 2020?

How much does it cost to build a Magento website in 2020

There are numerous aspects to take care of when building a new online store. Which web development platform to choose?  Whether to choose a dropshipping business model or eCommerce marketplaces, how to set up an effective supply chain, how to establish a great logistics service and so on. A lot of things come in the mind of an eCommerce entrepreneur at the time of starting a new online venture. However, the budget is one of the most important things that worries an eCommerce entrepreneur. How much will it cost to build my Magento store? This is one of the top questions our clients approach us with.

For whom this guide is for?

This blog is written for people investigating an investment in Magento website development, eCommerce directors, business owners and everyone who is curious to know the Magento 2 development pricing. Also, if you are interested in re-platforming your business site to Magento 2, this guide will be very beneficial for you.

Please note: We’ve written this blog assuming that you already believe Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that can take your business to the next level and you have the basic idea about Magento’s benefits and features.

Of course, to make the final decision, you need a clear-cut idea of approximately cost you’ll pay and what you’ll get from the money paid.

Why you should trust us?

Planet Web Solution is a global eCommerce development company that has successfully deployed hundreds of Magento projects. We’ve been building Magento sites for more than a decade. We’ve launched Magento sites for clients of all sizes and different industries. From a startup to the enterprise; B2C and B2B, we’ve worked with all. We’ve also successfully migrated dozens of websites to Magento platform. As we’ve extensive experience and years of expertise in Magento platform, you can trust us with the details we’ve provided in this blog.

How much does it cost to build a perfect Magento website?

This is the very first question asked by retailers interested in building a new site.

When assessing cost, you should keep this thing in mind that every eCommerce site’s requirements are different, and the price varies from project requirements. Keeping the common scenarios in mind, we’ve prepared this guide to help you to get a rough idea of the factors affecting the pricing of Magento Website development.

 Magento Pricing Guide

When researching Magneto pricing and evaluating how much Magento web development services costs, you’ll notice different pricing structures based on the platform versions. At present, Magento offers three platform versions:

  1. Magento Open-source (formerly known as Community Edition)
  2. Magento Commerce & Commerce Cloud

The final price of the project will depend on the platform selected.

Magento Open Source

This Magento Edition is 100% open-source which can be used free of cost by the entrepreneurs. This is a good platform for startups and small businesses and it comes with limited options as compared with other platforms versions. Despite its open-source feature, Magento Website Development would not be possible unless you’ve coding experience. You need to hire Magento Developers and pay for Magento website development services. An additional cost of hosting, coding and configuration will also be involved.

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                                    Magento Community Edition: Introduction and Features

What you’ll get free with Magento Open-source? 

  • Product Videos
  • Flexible Coupons
  • Multi-tier pricing
  • Catalogue Promotional Pricing

What do you need to pay with Magento Open source? 

  • Extensions: Many are free of cost but to add-on some extra functionality, you need to pay.
  • Development: For non-technical persons, they’ve to pay for Magento Development Services. The development cost varies significantly depending on the Magento experts you hire or the Magento web development company you partner with.
  • Hosting; The hosting prices depend on the website’s size and traffic, varies from the type of hosting chosen.
  • Maintenance: Regular site update, security patches, extension installation and more are ongoing jobs that add on to cost.

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 Staring up your new online venture might sound great to you. If your business is fairly small and you don’t have immediate plans to scale up your business, Magento open-source is a fair deal.

 Plans for Magento 2 Open-Source website

  • Basic Magento Website: Best for small businesses and startups. Using a pre-built theme will reduce the development cost. You just need to set up, configure and test.
  • Custom Magento Website: Best for retailers with some eCommerce experience under their business niche. Custom Magento solutions are beneficial when planning for international expansion or scaling up the business.

Magento Commerce & Commerce Cloud

This is the advanced version of Magento open- source. Magento Commerce provides advanced functionalities that fit merchants with bigger turnovers, large enterprises, the site’s that experience huge traffic, merchants with larger product catalogue, and complex businesses.

Factors affecting the Magento Website Development cost on Magento Commerce & Commerce Cloud version

  • Themes

If you want your store to look unique, probably you won’t be satisfied with free themes. In that case, you can go for a paid theme from Magento marketplace or hire a designer to get a custom-designed theme.

  • Extensions

Magento offers a great set of features and functionalities that fulfils a majority of basic eCommerce needs. However, some complex business requirements do not get fulfilled by the default Magento installation. Though there are thousands of free extensions are available on Magento but to enhance store’s functionality, you need to buy paid extensions or hire Certified Magento Developers for extension development.

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  • Magento Web Development Company Cost

Magento is a sophisticated web development platform that can only be handled by someone with solid programming skills having a deep understanding of its functionalities. Working with Magento customization and third-party system integration may turn out to be a daunting task for inexperienced Magento professionals. Therefore, partnering with experienced Magento developers or hiring a professional Magento Web Development Company can assure a successful and quick project deployment.

Well, if you are tech-savvy, you can save the Magento Web Development cost!

  • Website’s Maintenance & Support

If you want your website to operate seamlessly, it’s mandatory to polish up the site regularly. Website maintenance includes regular security updates, security patches installation, speed optimization, refreshing designs and many more. The website maintenance cost depends on whether you choose to maintain the website on your own or hire an expert for this task.

How long does it take to build a Magento website?

The time required to build a Magento website entirely depends on the project’s complexity and degree of customization required.

The Magento Website Development Cycle is divided into four phases

  1. Pre-Production Stage
  • Analysis of requirements
  • Selecting Theme
  • Theme/Logo redesign
  1. Design and Development
  • Design audit
  • Project Setup
  • Wishlist
  • Add to cart
  • Product Navigation feature
  • Related Product Functionality
  • Setting Shopping Cart rules
  • User Login
  • Payment Method
  • Implementation of Design
  • Project Management
  1. Project Staging
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  1. Delivery of Project

Final Words

The Magento Website Development cost is not similar for every project. There are a lot of factors determining a particular solution: no. of 3rd party integrations, managed or unmanaged hosting, custom theme development, advanced features and functionalities and more. So, if the price sounds too tempting to you, probably you will get what you would be paying for, A direct talk to our Magento Consultant will resolve all your queries and give you a clear pricing picture.

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