9 Things to do when launching a WordPress Website

Ready to launch your new WordPress site? Thousands of new sites appear on the web daily and definitely you would want your site to be noticed by the target audience, stand out from the crowd, shine and deliver the desired results. In this blog, we’ve enlisted the checklist of things you should do before launching your WordPress site.

1. Do not forget to install a backup plug-in

 It’s crucial to keep your website content safe. That’s why you should install WordPress backup plugins if in case anything goes wrong, you can quickly restore your site. There are ample of free and paid backup plugins available that can be easily installed within minutes. If you want to schedule automatic backups saved on cloud storage devices like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, we would recommend you BackupBuddy plugin or take the subscription to the JetPack plugin. Both these plugins are very quick and easy to set up and they’ll help you to store the backups on multiple locations.

2. Take care of SEO settings

 The top thing you need to do is to allow Google to index your site. Just make a quick check for it.  Go to WP-Admin, Settings→ Reading, look for Search Engine Visibility and make sure the checkbox “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is unchecked.

To experience steady growth in the site’s traffic, it’s very important to optimize your site for search engines. We provide world-class SEO services that can help you to double your site’s traffic in minimal time. To discuss your SEO requirements, feel free you contact our SEO Consultant.

3. Google Analytics Site Integration

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking and marketing tool that should be used by every website owner. This tool provides detailed information about site’s content, page visits per day, most viewed pages, user profiles, conversion rate, bounce rate and other important stats. This detailed information helps you which pages/products are doing well and where you need to put more efforts.

4. User Experiences matter a lot

It is important to deliver seamless user experiences to your customers. Target customer’s preferences should be given utmost importance when creating UI/UX of a WordPress site. The site should be easy to scroll facilitating simple navigation interface allowing users to browse products/services easily, simple and quick checkout process with or without the option for registration. Before launching a WordPress site, all these things should be pre-tested.

5. Do not forget to secure WordPress Admin area

WordPress website development is the first choice for non-tech entrepreneurs. Being one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is also the favorite target of hackers. Though many WordPress sites run fearlessly without the threat of being hacked it is always better to protect the admin area from unauthorized access.

Tips to protect the WordPress Admin area

  1. Use a WordPress application firewall
  2. Add password protection to WordPress Admin directory
  3. Use strong passwords- a combination of alpha, numeric, uppercase, lowercase and special characters.
  4. Use two-step verification to WordPress Login Screen
  5. Limit the no. of Login attempts
  6. Limit login access to specific IP addresses
  7. Disable Login Hints
  8. Keep your WordPress site updated
  9. Auto logout of idle users
  10. Create custom Login and Registration Pages

6. Test Social Integrations

Make sure you don’t miss to leverage the power of social media when launching your new WordPress site. Modern users expect businesses to be available on social platforms and they may search your business on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc to connect with you. Ensure to install and activate the social sharing plugins and all the social symbols displayed on your site are connected to respective social pages.

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7. Performance Tests

Using the performance checker online tools, you can check the site’s performance.

Conduct performance tests to double-check that the site is fully-functional, free from possible threats and errors, before launching it.

8. Check 404 Errors

Your superior-branded website may deliver a bad user experience due to 404 errors. That’s’ why make sure all the website pages are loading properly,  and also ensure that there are no missing links. Adding Google Webmaster tool to your site will show you pages giving 404 errors. In case Google search console or Google webmaster tool is not added to your site, you can manually browse your site to make sure everything is working properly as expected. Also, you can set up email alerts for 404 errors to monitor and fix the issues.

9. Check images, videos and sliders

Make a quick check that all images and videos are loading properly on the site. Optimizing images and videos from the web will help you to speed up a WordPress site. If using WordPress slider plugin, double-check to ensure slider is working across different browsers and devices.


Launching a successful WordPress site requires expertise and detailed knowledge of the WordPress CMS.  Executing all of these 09 practices tactfully, success will also be on its way! There are many other good practices that can give wings to your new WordPress site and there are numerous plugins that can empower exciting features and functionalities on your site. Partnering with the Best WordPress Development Company like Planet Web Solution, may increase the chances of a successful launch.

So finally, your site has landed to the digital world and that’s really great!

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