Things you need to know about Magento ecommerce

Magento eCommerce

The digital world is flooded with eCommerce websites and this no. is increasing at an exponential rate. To get the maximum share of the pie, your eCommerce store needs the best Magento Web Development Services or hire the best Magento developer. Magento CMS is one of the most powerful platforms as it offers out of the box features, mobile-friendly, cost-effective, flexible and scalable.

Due to its rich features, functionalities, and powerful CMS, Magento has become extremely popular. This is why Magento Commerce is dominating the IT industry. 

Do you want to know why all eCommerce companies are opting for Magento web development services?

Why the number of retailers using Magento platform is much higher as compared to any other platform?

In this blog post, we’ll focus on 9 things that you should know about the Magento eCommerce platform, focusing on reasons why Magento 2 suits best when it comes to eCommerce Website Development.

Why Magento 2 is the right option for ecommerce Web Development?

1. Magento 2 lets you develop the mobile-friendly site

As this is not a secret that a website’s responsiveness to mobile influences its Google ranking. That’s why it’s important for the eCommerce website to load quickly and easily on smartphones. Magento 2 offers to build customized designs and this helps to build mobile-friendly sites.

2. Thousands of eCommerce extensions and themes

Magento 2 offers 1000+ free and premium eCommerce extensions and themes designed by the top developers to transform your digital business.

3. SEO Edge

Magento 2 provides various SEO friendly nuggets, facilitates better optimization solutions, offers efficient management of page traffic, plagiarised content, landing pages, indexing and more. Magento 2 defeats other platforms when it comes to achieving a higher SEO score.

4. Magento 2 offers powerful marketing tools

Magento 2 comes with powerful inbuilt marketing tools that can be used to promote the eCommerce business. With the Magento 2 framework, you can create flexible discount coupons, catalog promotional pricing, private sales, bundled products and more. Magento 2 also offers a Landing page tool, that’s why there is no need or a very little need to invest in third-party tools. 

5. Flexibility

As per the business requirements and budget, the flexibility of the Magento Web Development platform can be utilized to obtain user-specific solutions.

6. User-generated Content

With Magento 2, it’s easy to create user-generated content like reviews, testimonials, etc. In today’s modern world, positive reviews from other users or client testimonials play a crucial role when it comes to developing user’s trust in your business, bringing new traffic to the site, converting leads and implementing client acquisition techniques.

7. Order Management

Magento 2 platform allows Admin to handle their order fulfillment side of the business with ease. The eCommerce website integrated with extensions like ship station helps in smoothening the order fulfillment task for the owner. The Admin can create, view, edit, create invoices, print slips and can do other order related tasks easily.

8. Magento 2 lets you update your website easily

Magento eCommerce platform allows updating the website and content easily. As obvious, an outdated website will experience decreased traffic, fewer sales and conversions, and profits. Updating the inventory, prices and other things is imperative for the smooth functioning of an eCommerce website. The Magento platform allows the website owner to perform these activities easily and quickly.

9. Magento makes PCI Compliance easy

In order to make sure the payment informational and personal customer details remain highly-secured and protected every online retailer needs to conform to the guidelines established by the Payment Card Industry. Magento’s inbuilt special capabilities make PCI compliance easier by separating the Magento Secure Payment Bridge application from the eCommerce platform. The subscription of Magento Enterprise Edition includes the Magento Secure Payment Bridge and PA-DSS certified feature. This allows merchants to not to go through the complicated procedure of PCI Compliance and make the best use of the Magento capabilities.

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Magento 2- All in one ecommerce Solution

Magento 2Magento Commerce offers a user-friendly interface, drag and drop editing with Page builder that helps to create experiences that conform coherently on mobile, social, or in-store without much interference of IT support. Magento has the flexibility to deliver whatever your eCommerce website needs.

  • Support customers in real-time.
  • Deploy hybrid B2C and B2C models
  • Support for multiple sites and brands.
  • Create and manage endless aisle of inventory

Which Magento version is right for your business?

Magento 2 has two versions:

  • Magento 2 Community Edition: Free, mostly used for Small business enterprises and start-ups.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition: Annually charged, best fit for Medium & Large Enterprises, offers exclusive features not includes in the Community Edition.

Magento 2: Daddy of all ecommerce Platforms

There are dozens of eCommerce platforms present in the marketplace, each one trying to prove the best among all. Many of them look simple to use as compared to Magento but none of them provides ‘out of the box’ features required to build and run a successful eCommerce store.

Magento platform can really make a difference when it comes to building a robust and sales-focused eCommerce website. To know about our Magento Web Development Services, feel free to contact us.

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