Learn to turn your website into a High conversion machine

Learn to turn your website into a high conversion machine

Many businesses spend a great amount in eCommerce web design, custom eCommerce development, finding and implementing the best eCommerce solutions and more. All this can’t convert into sales and profits if your target audience does not land on your site, make the purchase and become the repeat customers.

This article will spotlight some important tips that can help your eCommerce site to experience the huge rise in sales.

1. Invest in your Website’s Homepage- It’s the entryway to your business

A majority of website visitors expect to see the information about your products and services once they land on your home page. That’s why your website page should exhibit the detailed operative information and services your company provides to the customers.

The homepage on your website is expected to fulfill multipurpose.

  • Your home page should be able to create a welcoming experience your audience will cherish.
  • Your homepage should also connect to visitor’s needs and address their doubts.
  • Your homepage should address a variety of customer’s interests.
  • Your homepage should present your company while keeping the focus on visitors.

The website’s web design plays a major role here. The innovative web design that offers browsing comfort to users but also stands out from the crowd can only be possible if opt for the best web design services in London. Creating an optimized landing page for your website will make sense.

Tips to create optimized landing pages for improved conversions:

  • Create a landing page that focuses on only one goal – service or offer.
  • Create a clean, simple, bold, short and straightforward headline to grab the user’s attention.
  • Your landing page copy should be convincing and genuine.
  • The images should be in sync with the content. The attractive image paired with the right content will convey the brand’s message successfully.
  • Employ CTA’s that make users take action. There’s no size fir to all CTA for any business. You can test multiple iterations and see which ones get the most engagements.
  • Ensure your landing page loads within a few seconds.
  • It’s difficult to determine what prompt your users to take actions, so A/B testing is a good way to find it.
  • Your website’s landing page should well satisfy the below set of questions that generally populate to visitor’s minds when they come to your website.

“Am I in the right place?”

“Do they have the specific product/services I am looking for?”

“I have a question. Can I ask you?”

“Can I trust you?”.  “Is the website 100% safe?”

Landing page optimization isn’t an easy task as there’s no proven formula for getting it right. The above tips will give you a foundation to draft each element of the landing page, resulting in increased conversions.

2. Deploy Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy based on data

If you are using Google Analytics to get the website’s insights, you’re in good shape. With the website’s insights, you can identify pages that aren’t doing good, the pages people bounce quickly and see pages people stick and spend time.

You can add fresh and high-quality content, update old statistics, craft a better CTA (call to action), or consider a redesign. This may allow visitors to stay more on your site and investigate all you have to offer.

3. Optimize your conversion Funnel

There are four segments of the conversion funnel

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Create Brand Awareness

You should create powerful marketing strategies that can promote your company to your target audience. In this world of digitalization, it is recommended to invest in social media, content marketing, email marketing, paid online campaigns and more to reach your target audience.

Create a solid SEO strategy: The first page of an Internet search controls 75% of all clicks. To improve the organic search of your business site, it’s important to invest in SEO.

Generate Interests

Design the homepage that converts

In this overflooded digital marketplace, you need to come with innovative ways to create interests in your products and services. Use your content strategy wisely combined with infographics. Your website should provide detailed information about your business so that your visitor can get the answers if they have any queries about your business. You can create a “Blog” section on your site, ask users to sign up to receive the newsletter and latest updates, give an option to download the ebook and more.


Make your brand look more appealing to your customers

When you have created interest among your website visitors then you need to convert that interest into their purchase which can generate profits for your business. You can provide some incentive, offer or special discount to complete the purchase. Though modern shoppers are obsessed with discounts but they’ll definitely consider a lot of options when they’ll make a  final purchase. They might compare the cost, quality, and convenience of your product or service with the other options available and those could be your competitors. Despite all the marketing tactics, offering high-quality products or services at a reasonable price will only result in customer acquisition and repetition. High-quality services really pay off.

4. Stay with your prospective customers through every point of the buying journey 

How well are you able to convert your prospects to a particular action (such as signing up with their Gmail account or social media login)?

How well are you able to move them towards the next phase (such as saving the products in their wish list or adding products to cart).

How convenient is the website’s checkout process?

How well you are dealing with cart abandonment?

How well you are re-targeting your customers on social media and other platforms?

All the above-mentioned points play a critical role when we talk about the website’s conversion rates. This is why, for effective conversions, staying with your prospective customers through every point of the buying journey is important.

Wrapping it up!

Looking for advanced eCommerce solutions?

Businesses that optimize their sites for conversions are going to benefit from a huge bump in sales which is the ultimate goal of every eCommerce site. Using the above-mentioned ways, you can optimize your site and enjoy improved conversions. If your business demands eCommerce development solutions or end to end eCommerce solutions, schedule a one-one conversation with our eCommerce developers.

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