What are the Pros and Cons of Magento CMS?

What are the Pros and Cons of Magento CMS

The History of Magento CMS

The Magento Website Development platform is one of the most renowned platforms for over a decade. The first version of Magento, called Magento Community Edition was released on March 2008. Since then, Magento has released various versions, each one with an upgraded set of features and functionalities. The latest version of Magento was released in mid-2019: Magento 2.3.2.

The Magento’s journey got a lot of twists in its 12 years of existence. The development of an open-source eCommerce platform with the company named Varien Inc (former name of Magento), the name change from Varien Inc to Magento, partnership with eBay and then finally acquired by Adobe. This is how Magento has traveled and emerged as the leading eCommerce development platform.

What Statistics Say?

  • In 2012, Magento was downloaded 4 million+ times.
  • Magento CMS is the second most popular eCommerce platform worldwide.
  • More than a quarter of million e-store Admins rely on Magento CMS to run and grow their online business.
  • Magento eCommerce Websites has a share of 16%, among the top 10K e-stores globally.
  • Among the top 10,000 e-merchants, more than 20% of merchants are using Magento CMS in the US and Canada.
  • The websites of top companies like Ford, Harvey Nichols, Land Rover, Omega Watches are built on Magento.
  • Magento handles the transactions of over $153 billion every year.

(Source: hostingtribunal.com)

Pros of Magento Content Management System

It offers Out of the box features

Both the Magento’s edition: Community Edition, as well as Enterprise Edition, offers rich features and diversified functionalities. Magento CMS offers versatile features to build a dynamic and powerful e-store.

    • Magento CMS enables us to build a robust and highly secured e-store.
    • Magento CMS can create and manage multiple storefronts with one Admin Panel.
    • Magento CMS supports multiple languages, multiple currencies and multiple pricing.
    • Upgrading or Migrating a Magento website to a new version is not a complex task.
    • Magento CMS offers value-added offerings for enhanced user experiences. This includes a one-step checkout process, advanced navigation, and filter options, easy and simple interface and other similar features.
    • Magento CMS offers detailed reporting and analytics which helps in generating sales reports, tax reports, product review reports, and other useful business reports.
    • Magento CMS offers various marketing promotional tools like online poll creation, landing page creation, newsletter management, promotional pricing tools, etc.
    • An eCommerce website built on Magento CMS can be integrated with multiple payment gateways, third-party marketplaces, applications, and networks.
    • Magento CMS offers out of the box features if compared to Magento Vs Shopify Vs BigCommerce Vs Woocommerce or any other eCommerce web development platform.



It is not a secret that Mcommere is rising at a very fast pace. Studies reveal that online shoppers find more comfort and convenience while shopping through smartphones as compared to PC’s or laptops. The Magento CMS is a mobile-friendly eCommerce platform which allows us to build a mobile responsive site with ease.


Magento Community Edition is a free and open-source platform. That’s why it requires a low financial cost to build eCommerce websites.

Advanced testing Capabilities

Magento CMS has advanced testing capabilities that help to detect the errors, and bugs before releasing the site. This saves the time and cost incurred in fixing the defects and ensures smooth website performance.

It has a Large Community of Users

As there is a large community of Magento users, the Magento marketplace has plenty of free and paid extensions/ plugins. This ensures quick support if your website struggles with any complicated issue.

It’s Flexible

Magento’s open-source platform allows modifying the source code as per the user’s needs and requirements. Also, Magento themes are highly customizable.

It’s Scalable

Whether you are selling 10 K products or 10 Lac products, the Magento CMS is capable of handling the inventory, orders, payments and all the other essential tasks.

SEO Optimization

Getting organic traffic from Search engines is essential for eCommerce business. Magento is SEO friendly eCommerce platform. You can optimize web architecture, product images, add Meta description for products, create SEO friendly URL’s and so on. This helps in improving the web presence and search engine ranking of your website.

Cons of Magento CMS

Time Consuming

As Magento is loaded with numerous benefits, extensions, plugins, and features, it becomes complex as well as time-consuming to find out the best combination of features and extensions for designing a particular store.

Require Experienced Magento Developers

It is difficult to build a Magento website for a non-technical person. A Certified Magento Developer can build a successful web store equipped with versatile features and functionalities. And finding an experienced Magento developer is a difficult task.

Fortunately, PWS has a team of experienced Magento Developers who have built many successful eCommerce websites earning good revenue.

Premium version is not free

For startups and SME’s, the Magento Community version is a feasible option. But for large enterprises or SME’s looking forward to growth and expansion, the Magento Enterprise version is recommended. The premium version of Magento: Magento Enterprise edition requires a good amount of investment. Although it requires investment, it is worth it. The investment in the premium version of Magento will result in increased conversions and revenue.

Time to draw Conclusions

Despite its cons, the pros break off the cons out. The incredible features of Magento CMS will allow you to build a full-functioning profitable eCommerce store. That’s why it stands out among the best eCommerce platforms in the market.

Deciding the best eCommerce platform for your online store could be a challenging task in this technological world. To arrive at a profitable decision, do consider the below questions.

    • Will Magento will be able to meet the functional needs of your online store? Yes, it will!
    • Will you be able to find an experienced Magento Developer who can give life to your dream of running a successful online business? Undoubtedly, you will!
    • Will Magento will be able to provide functionalities that can keep you ahead from competitors? Definitely yes!


Knowing what your business goals are, what you expect from the eCommerce platform you are looking for, and using our pros-cons list, you can decide which eCommerce platform is suitable for your online business.

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