How much does it cost to build a Cleaning Business Software?

Cleaning Service Software

Cleaning Business Software

Are you thinking to start a Cleaning business? Or do you want to bring your Cleaning Business online? To start a profitable cleaning business, all you need is a solid business plan, pool of dedicated and hardworking Cleaners, cleaning supplies, effective marketing strategy and hi-tech Cleaning Business Software to organize the workflow and manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

How to Start a Cleaning Business?

Beginning a cleaning business offers tremendous benefit potential with nominal startup costs. In this business, timely and qualitative delivery of the services and high level of customer satisfaction is given utmost importance.

  • Design your business plan(market niche).
  1. Residential or,
  2. Commercial.
  • Decide your business budget.
  • Figure out the list of services you want to offer to the clients
  1. Pool Cleaning,
  2. Carpet Cleaning,
  3. Windows Washing & Cleaning,
  4. Organic Cleaning,
  5. Office Cleaning,
  6. Private Residence Cleaning, etc.
  • Do you want to open a franchise or set up your own business?
  • Choose your business location (Keeping the business budget in mind)
  • Choose your business name: While deciding the business name, make sure its web domain name is available.
  • Register your business and get the business license.
  • Obtain the business resources and start-up capital
  • Contract or subcontract the Workers/Cleaners as required.
  • Decide how much to charge for each service while keeping the competitor’s price in mind.
  • Build your brand, promote your business and be trustworthy to your clients.


For the successful implementation of all the above points, a Cleaning Service Management Software is mandatory.

Benefits of Cleaning Business Software

Easy Access

With your web presence and good search engine ranking, the Corporate and households who are looking for cleaning solutions can easily access your services. The Cleaning Scheduling Software allows the clients to check out different services and make the bookings as per their convenience. Likewise, you (Business Owner) will also have detailed information about Client requirements. As per the client’s needs, you can then match the helper with the job.

Automatically Invoice Generation

With Cleaning Scheduling Software, you don’t need to make invoices and send them to the clients. This software will automatically generate the invoice and send it to the clients via e-mail, SMS or notification.  The clients can also pay through various payment options.

Stay ahead of Competitors

With Cleaning Business Software, you can cut down the paperwork costs and manual errors. All the necessary information regarding helpers, clients, work report, etc. are available just a click away. This saves you valuable time and money. All you need to do is focus on the business areas, rest the management work would be handled by this software.

Increased Business and Revenue

A customized Cleaning Business Software will help you carry out the business activities smoothly. This software will help you to provide professional and efficient cleaning services to the clients. The access to high-end technology will definitely boost your business and revenue.

How much does it cost to build a Cleaning Business Software?

The development cost of a Cleaning Business Software depends on many factors.

Multiple Dashboards

The complex process of constructing technical architecture for three different users: Admin, Helper and Customer is the important factor in determining the overall cost of building a Cleaning Business Software.

Cleaning Business Software requires the creation of multiple dashboards, each one with different set of basic and unique features.

Multiple Devices

An effective Cleaning Business Software is built to support multiple devices like tablets, mobile phones: Android & iOS platform and multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. The cost of building Cleaning Service Management Software also depends on the multiple devices and browsers it supports.

Third-Party Integrations API’s

To accelerate the business and improve operational efficiency, it is essential to integrate the Cleaning Business Software to robust, reliable and secure API’s. Integrating to different CRM modules, extensions, multiple payment gateways, etc. requires a cost. More the no. of integrations, higher will be the cost.

Advanced Features

GPS data Connection

The role of GPS cannot be ignored when we are talking about developing on-demand Cleaning Service Software. With in-built GPS feature in the app, the user (owner as well as Client) can check the live location of the respective Cleaner.

Live Consultation

This advanced feature of on-demand Cleaning Service Software allows the user to communicate directly with the service provider and get live consultations regarding the services they are looking for. This helps the service providers to offer tailored cleaning services as per the user’s demand.

Promotions & Offers

In such a highly competitive digital world, offering discounts and offers is important to enhance the visibility of the business. This is an exquisite approach to encourage the users to avail your offered services. All the promotions and discounts are offered while keeping business insights in mind. This software also offers detailed reporting and analytics of the business. Therefore, enclosing promotions and offers to the on-demand Cleaning Service Software can boost your business visibility and sales.

Subscription Packages

The service provider can design various subscription packages for the users. The users can choose the best subscription packages as per their need and requirement. Also, if they want to extend the booked services, the on-demand Cleaning Business Software offers the ease of extending the cleaning services.


The development cost of on-demand Cleaning Business Software varies from the simplest design to the complex design.  We recommend implementing the simplest yet attractive design to your Cleaning Business Website or native application.

Push-Notification Connection

The push-notification feature embedded in Cleaning Business Software helps to send instant notifications on each and every activity undertaken by the Client, Cleaner and Service provider. For e.g., A client book services Cleaner is assigned to the job Cleaner leaves and reach to Client’s place Cleaner completes the assigned task Invoice is generated Customer make the payment and also reviewed Cleaner’s job.

For all the above-mentioned activities and more, instant notifications will be sent to the users involved.

Electronic Payments

Offering multiple modes of payment to clients and Cleaners is an important feature which cannot be overlooked while developing Cleaning Business Software.

Real-time analytics

This feature allows the Admin to get real-time analytics of each and every activity performed by the respective users.

Invoicing & Reporting

This feature of Cleaning Business Software allows the Admin to access detailed reports of customer’s invoices generated monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Finally, the Cost of Developers Team

Hiring the perfect squad of Developer, Designer, Project manager and Tester is very important for the successful delivery of on-demand Cleaning Business Software which actually smoothens the work and boosts the Cleaning Business.

That’s why it is important to find the professional and experienced team to build a Cleaning Business Software equipped with next-generation technologies.

The total cost of developing an advanced Cleaning Business Software completely depends on the complexity of the project, expertise of team involved, the requirement of basic and advanced features, and so on.

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