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Planet Web Solution provide a one-stop solution for your cleaning business. Whether you want to step into cleaning business or your existing business is facing challenges like complicated scheduling, unorganized invoices, etc., we provide the simplest yet effective system for the management and growth of your cleaning business.

Business-centric Cleaning Service Management
Software for Enhanced Results

The cleaning scheduling software solution by PWS serves to be a smart choice when it comes to offering versatile solutions supporting the management and success of Cleaning Business. Some of the salient features of the Cleaning Service Management Software built by PWS include:


Lead Management

This feature of cleaning service management software will allow the Admin to manage the potential leads via enquiry and processed through various lead conversion stages carried out by different department roles.


Client and Helper Management

The Cleaning Scheduling Software will facilitate the Admin to view, add, edit, or delete the client as well as helper’s information. Also, this system will allow the Admin to match the best helper suitable for the client’s job requirements.


Roles and Permission

The Admin can assign different work roles and create different departments like sales, operations, finance, inventory control, purchase, etc. Likewise, he can assign permissions to each and every respective role assigned.


Alerts and Activity Logs

The Admin can create different alerts, alert categories like notification, email, and SMS templates and also create different packages for the customers. The Admin will also be able to look after the User activities through Log Managers.


Recruitment & Leave Management

This feature helps in the recruitment process of the helper starting from the enquiry /lead received→ telephonic interview → cleaning visit interview → face to face interview → signing the contract. Also, the Admin can manage the leave for Helpers and Staff.


Job Scheduler

This feature allows the Admin to manage and view calendars for one-time jobs, recurring jobs, and job extension requested by the clients. The Admin has access to see the complete track of Helper’s work including the job start time, job completion time, and so on.


Rewards and Referral

Both the client as well as helpers are entitled to receive the reward points. The reward denomination varies based on different roles created under the affiliate settings section. The Admin can also create various packages for the redemption of reward points earned by the client and Helper.


Ticket Service Management

The Cleaning Service Management Software will allow the customers and Helpers to raise the tickets regarding any query they have, the Admin can then assign a helper to solve the raised ticket within the predefined time frame. If the query is not solved within the predefined duration, a flagship will appear against that particular query.


Invoicing & Reporting

This feature of Cleaning Scheduling Software will allow the Admin to generate customer’s invoices with ease. Also, he can see the detailed report of the invoices generated weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly..

Our Features Listing with Cleaning
Business Software

Admin Panel Features (Web Dashboard)

  • Detailed Analytics & Reporting
  • Client Management System
  • Helper Management System
  • Reward Management System
  • Helper/Staff Leave management
  • Notifications
  • Managing Roles & Permissions
  • Achieve Data

Client Panel Features (Apps and Web Dashboard)

  • Registration & Login module
  • Request for the job or sending enquiry
  • Job scheduling Management
  • Job tracking- completed and pending task status
  • Feedback to helper’s job
  • Helper location tracking
  • Payment & Invoices Management
  • Ticketing request module

Helper Panel Features (Website and Apps)

  • Login module
  • Accept/Decline/Cancel Jobt
  • Job Schedule Management
  • Job Task Management
  • Leave Application module
  • Ticket Request Module
  • Reward System
  • Payments & Invoices management

We Develop On-Demand Cleaning Service Web Apps for Our Clients.

Replace your manual work, usage of pen & paper with our innovative House Cleaning Service App to take your cleaning business to the next level! Hire our brilliant team of developers to build your on-demand Cleaning Service App equipped with modern technology.


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