8 Tips for making your WordPress eCommerce site a Success

Tips for making your WordPress eCommerce site a success

WordPress is one of the most popular web development platforms opted by modern entrepreneurs willing to enter the eCommerce market hassle-free. WooCommerce Ecommerce Development has gained popularity because of its simplicity to install, easy customization and other powerful features. Woocommerce Development Services provides everything from building a fully-functional online store to managing and growing it.

This blog summarizes a list of best eCommerce practices implementing which can contribute to your Woocommerce store’s success and how you can drive traffic to your Wooommerce store.

Tips for making your WordPress eCommerce site a success

1. Always use high-quality images | Keep beautiful photos functional

Great product pictures ensure minimized return and customer complaints. The images that can be zoomed from multiple angles should be included. Use optimized images straight from your dashboard to ensure that your page load time is minimum.

A good picture is worth a thousand words

Have you ever struggled with the below questions:

Why my product image doesn’t show up when I do a Google image search?

Why is it required to add alt attributes to the images?

Which image type- JPEG, PNG, GIF should I use?

If these questions have ever left you scratching your head, you should definitely speak to an SEO consultant to get a better understanding of powerful SEO strategies to get your product images visible on Google image search results, learn the difference between file type, and how to take advantage of alt attributes.

How to optimize images?

  • Name the product images in a simple language.
  • Optimize alt attributes carefully.
  • Click the product images from different angles and choose the product dimensions wisely.
  • Select the right file type.
  • Use image sitemaps
  • Reduce the file size
  • Optimize thumbnails

Still, image optimization looks complex to you? Feel free to contact us.

2. Detailed Product Descriptions

The ideal product description should be short, informative plus engaging. It should include all the essential features, dimensions, product benefits and every information a user needs to know about a product before making the final purchase. It is always good to write SEO optimized product descriptions.

3. Use Product Videos

Give your customers a better view of the products they are buying by offering them product videos. The product videos leave a favourable impression in the customer’s minds and help them to choose the right product.

4. SEO Optimized product titles

To increase the chances of higher search engine rankings and better sales, it is always advisable to write titles as customers would search for them. You may use a free plugin- SEO by Yoast allowing you to verify the product title, add focus keywords and look at how your product description will appear in the search results.

5. Easy Registration

The user registration process should be voluntary, quick, easy and simple with minimum no. of fields. The registration form with safety and security assurance satisfies users.

6. Quick Purchase Process

The final checkout process should be short and quick. Whether you put all the options on a single page or break it into fewer steps in two pages, just make sure that it shouldn’t consume much time. Also, the customers should be offered multiple payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card, Stripe, Paytm, Cash on Delivery, in-app wallet, and more.

7. Customer Support

How can customers contact you in case they have product related, delivery related or any other queries? With the help of popular AI applications like Chatbot, your customers can contact you quickly, Also, the contact info should be clear and easy to find, e-mail address links to social profiles, phone no. should be clearly visible on the site.

Don’t make your customers wait! Respond to customer queries at the earliest. Your customers might be waiting for you to answer their queries, making them wait for long can make you lose your customers straight in the hands of your competitors. You may also put a list of FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions with Answers.

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8. Make the best use of popular AI applications

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce:

  • Artificial intelligence helps with retargeting potential customers.
  • Automate the writing process of product descriptions.
  • Automated post-sale follow up by sending notifications or emails.
  • AI tools help in inventory management by telling the in-stock and out-of-stock inventory evaluates the factors affecting stock-level, and suggest the upcoming level of stock.
  • AI tools also project future sales based on past sales history, analysing customer search trends and market position of competitors, and more.

How to drive traffic to your WordPress eCommerce store?

How to drive traffic to your WordPress eCommerce store

You have designed the most beautiful online shop loaded with a range of best products at competitive prices but still you are not getting enough sales?

Are people able to find your store?

It’s imperative to put efforts on traffic generation and conversions from the very beginning when you opt for Woocommerce Ecommerce Development. A lot of website traffic with a healthy conversion rate is a must to make sales. The powerful digital marketing techniques like Pay Per Clicks, social media marketing, SEO, and more can be used for increasing website’s traffic. Also, WordPress offers powerful plugins that can help you with this.

Tips to drive targeted traffic to your Woocommerce site

1. Track your visitors with Google Analytics

Before applying tricks to increase your store’s traffic, it’s important to know where you currently stand. You need to analyze how your potential customers are interacting with your site, what exactly they are searching when they visit your site.

Google Analytics is the best choice for tracking the website visitors- from where the potential customers come, who they are, what they are searching on your site, and what action they perform when they visit your site. WordPress offers various plugins to integrate your Woocommerce store with Google Analytics.

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The free plugins may also be sufficient for your store but to get the detailed insights for the busy online store, it is recommended to invest in the above mentioned paid plugin. The plugin tracks the total and per product revenue, conversion rates, no. of transactions, average order value and more.

2. Search Engine Optimization

On-page search engine optimization is the most popular method to increase website’s traffic. The product descriptions should include targeted keywords that help them rank the products as per the search terms your potential customers are looking for. The ultimate SEO plugin for WordPress: Yoast SEO can be used to manage title tags and meta descriptions.

Though applying on-page or off-page SEO techniques doesn’t give instant results, in the long run your store will definitely experience an increase in organic traffic. If you wish to drive traffic to your online store in no time, you may choose paid advertising.

3. Google Ads and Google Shopping

Online advertising can result in huge traffic to your site which plays a vital role in your store’s success. Paid advertising can bring incredible benefits to your online shop, if done correctly. Hire a team of experienced Digital marketers to get the best out of the money invested in paid marketing.

Your store might have hundreds or thousands of products. Adding products manually to the merchant’s centres like Amazon, eBay, Bing, Google can be time-consuming. We suggest you to use a plugin called WooCommerce Product Feed Export to your Woocommerce powered online store. This will automatically export products to the main merchant centres and will save your valuable efforts and time.

4. Social Media Marketing

The power of social media is not hidden from anyone! From creating brand awareness to driving traffic and maximizing conversions, social media platforms are widely used by modern eCommerce entrepreneurs. There are numerous ways to leverage the power of social media but simply adding the social sharing buttons to the products pages is good to begin. Offering discounts to the customers. A Woocommerce powered eCommerce store can use the Social Share Discount Coupon extension.

Make the optimum use of enhanced social media posts that includes product information such as pricing details, product core features along with Buy Now option. Such posts help in making quick sales when shared socially.

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5. Content Marketing

Having a blog section on your Woocommerce powered online store can help in driving traffic. SEO optimized rich-content published on your eCommerce site can bring traffic from search engines and also from social media. An engaging content has the power to attract the potential customers to your site, build a strong relationship with your customers. A blog section on your site gives an overall SEO boost to your Woocommerce site.  If writing is not your cup of tea, you may partner with content professionals who can take care of content creation that helps to increase your website visitors and grow your business.

Do not forget to add CTA’s to your blog posts.

6. Email Marketing

There are numerous advantages of having your own email list. An effective email list of subscribers can be used as a valuable lead generation asset. Therefore, you should maintain your email list from the time you launch your online store. You may create attractive sign up boxes, custom pop-ups to attract customers to submit their email ids.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot you can do when you opt for Woocommerce eCommerce Development. You simply need to find the right plugin or if that right plugin isn’t available on WordPress store, an experienced Woocommerce Development Company can create one. With Woocommerce Development Services and combination of right theme and plugins, you can build a fully-featured Woocommerce store.

Need Help in Growing your Online Business

What work for A’s store won’t necessarily work for B’s store? If you wish to take your Woocommerce store to new heights, schedule a one-o-one conversation with our eCommerce consultant.

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