Want to grow your eCommerce Business Internationally?

5 Tips to succeed at International eCommerce

Thinking to expand your eCommerce business into international markets?

Entering the global eCommerce market is a long-term goal set by most of the eCommerce entrepreneurs. But only a few succeed in turning this broad goal into reality. Backed with the best eCommerce development services like Magento 2 Development, WordPress Web Development, and Shopify Website Development, eCommerce businesses can be scaled up globally with ease.

The eCommerce industry has changed dramatically over the years and especially after COVID-19 pandemics. The international consumer market is growing rapidly but US companies are not expanding globally at the same pace as other developed companies.

Only 1% of the 30 million US companies sell their goods and services internationally. Such a lower percentage shows that 99% of US-based companies have the opportunity to exploit the untapped potential business.

5 Tips to succeed at International eCommerce

  1. Market Research

Going global offers numerous growth opportunities but it requires detailed analysis and deep market research that supports your decision of doing business in a different country.  In-depth market research will give you an overview of your decision to expand globally is financially worthwhile or not.

Take below questions into consideration before you go global:

  • Which countries are currently visiting your eCommerce site?
  • The audience of which countries are buying products similar to your offerings?
  • Is it required to modify your products before you expand internationally?
  • What will be duties, taxes and other possible costs?
  • What are the different distribution channels available and which one you can choose?
  • Who are your competitors?

Important Tip: You may use tools like Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Search Console to pull data. Or you may partner with experience Digital Marketing Agency who can provide you with detailed information.

  1. Experiment with making small changes first.

After the in-depth market research, you know an idea at what countries you may perform well. We recommend you to bring small changes first, instead of making huge changes in your business. Treat your international business as a growing child. Also, it is wise to save a significant portion of your budget for generating high-quality traffic. Avoid spending your whole budget in just eCommerce website development. You can begin by offering international shipping options in your existing site by creating an account on FedEx, USPS, DHL, or UPS.

  1. Start with International Marketplaces

You can begin with the international marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, or Daigou. Amazon- the eCommerce giant has over 300 million customers worldwide. Selling products on Amazon gives you a broader market for your products. The good news is that you need not worry about the logistics of fulfilling international orders with Amazon. Amazon Global takes care of fulfilment and shipping.

You can consider the below list of global marketplaces:

  • AliExpress
  • com
  • Taobao
  • TMall
  • com
  1. Set up International Shipping Options

International Shipping is an important element you really need to think about. The perfect solution to deal with problems that could arise due to international shipping is finding local shippers within a country. If your fulfilment partner has a warehouse located within or close to your target country, you can ship your orders speedily in that country, giving you an edge over local competitors.

  1. Give more priority to mobile commerce

In today’s competitive digital advanced world, it’s not enough to just have a mobile-optimized site. Harness the power of Progressive Web Applications to deliver personalised web app experience to your customers.

Final Say!

International commerce is a goldmine with numerous untapped opportunities. Don’t let small hardships to stop you! Focusing on small things can give bigger results! It’s important to select the right eCommerce website development platform, develop a highly-secured site with responsive design meeting international standards, integrate powerful plugins or APIs, use cutting-edge digital marketing tactics to grab your target audience’s attention, and more when you plan to step into the international eCommerce world.

Get Expert Guidance

The selected eCommerce platform should have the capacity to scale according to your business needs. That’s why it is good to go with popular platforms like Magento, Woocommerce, and  Shopify as they offer advances capabilities and features. All these things can only be possible if you partner with an experienced eCommerce website development company, who can deliver high-end results and act as a backbone for your international business.

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