Social Commerce: The New Online Shopping Evolution

Social Commerce The New Online Shopping Evolution

Social Media platforms have more potential than you think!

The huge amount of time spent by modern shoppers on social media, especially younger generations has positioned social commerce as an integral part of eCommerce in recent years. Social media is not just limited to sharing, liking and commenting on the post. When it comes to generating sales and revenue from these platforms, today’s social media has gained wide popularity. The popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest allow users to shop online from these platforms without making the trip to the brand’s website. The brands who have understood the importance of social media marketing have been selling their goods and services directly from these platforms.

Power of Social Media

The increasing popularity of social commerce is affecting the eCommerce industry in numerous ways. The traditional method of following a link to the seller’s eCommerce website is no more in trend. Now the users can browse, compare and buy products directly on their news feeds. This refined checkout process is one of the main reasons for social commerce’s popularity.

Is this change positive for eCommerce websites?

Are you new to Social Media? Select the right Social Platform!

Selecting the right social platform is a must, to begin with, social media marketing. Thoroughly analyze your target audience and accordingly find the platforms used by your target users. Your strategy/ advertising campaign would only be successful if it is implemented on the right audience at the right platform.

You can create entire“Shop Now” stores on Facebook

Facebook- the world’s largest social network can give great heights to your business. Businesses of any size, big or small can create attractive “Shop Now stores and accomplish their business goals on Facebook. With Facebook, you can do almost everything you do with your eCommerce website:

1. Upload products: product images, short descriptions.
2. Customize the Product Shop’s catalog.
3. Sell directly from the page.
4. Manage orders.
5. Run Advertising Campaigns on Facebook.
6. Get insights.

A word of advice: Do not overload your Facebook Shop with tons of merchandise. Offer a selected group of products and re-offer them consistently. Hire Facebook Ads expert to display the right product to right audiences.

You can transform your social profile into sales funnel on Instagram!

Instagram: A Facebook Product is another popular social platform widely used by modern shoppers. Instagram shopping is available to 70+ countries.

By complying with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies, one can start selling goods/services on Instagram. Also, you can connect your Facebook Shopping Page to Instagram.

Like Facebook, Instagram offers numerous features to sellers as well as customers to make shopping ease. To generate sales and maximize conversions, Instagram Advertising Campaigns are very beneficial for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Instagram ads don’t always feel like ads to users. Creating and running an ad that feels native to its platform provides an upgraded level of authenticity to the brand.

Buyable Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has a strong mobile presence across the globe. Promoting products on Pinterest is similar to Instagram. When it comes to buying pins on Instagram, carefully choose the best pins and filter out the unnecessary ones.

How is your eCommerce company using social commerce platforms to drive sales?

Social commerce is changing consumer behavior on social platforms. Because of increasing online competition, selling products online is not an easy task. But with the right tools, solid hands-on marketing strategy, and partnering the right social media marketing company, you can do Facebook page marketing, Facebook ads optimization, Facebook ads marketing, run successful Facebook paid advertising and Instagram paid advertising, twitter paid advertising, make the most out of the Instagram advertising services, LinkedIn advertising services YouTube affiliate marketing, and more.

Partner with PWS Social Media Experts

Are you taking full advantage of social commerce?

In 2020 and beyond, designing a perfect eCommerce website with beautiful pages loaded with tons of inventory isn’t enough to make sales. Ecommerce entrepreneurs need to take advantage of multiple platforms to effectively sell their products. To exhibit your products to a massive audience, you cannot afford to ignore Amazon. Also, you need to make sure that your products are available to shop in places where your target customers spend more time. Yes, we are talking about social media platforms.

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Social media platforms offer great opportunities that are worth exploring. To leverage the social networks, have a one-o-one conversation with our eCommerce consultant. Also, to offer your products to a wide audience, consult our Amazon Marketing Expert.

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