Everything you should know about Amazon Suppressed listings

Everything you should know about Amazon Suppressed listings

Creating a powerful product listing is very important to run a successful business on Amazon. Whether you are a new entrant or an experienced member of the Amazon marketplace, there are good chances that you might be dealing with issues related to amazon product listing optimization leading to the increased suppressed listing.

So you just noticed that Amazon has suppressed your product listing and wondering what to do?

This article includes a detailed explanation of each and everything related to Amazon’s suppressed listing.

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What is a suppressed listing?

When a product listing created by a seller does not comply with Amazon’s precise standards, it is called suppressed listing. A suppressed listing is not shown up in the search results on Amazon.

Why Amazon suppresses listings?

Amazon: the eCommerce giant put customers first. Amazon takes every possible action to ensure it delivers high-quality buying experiences to its customers. This is why Amazon has put suppression guidelines to make sure that low-quality listings aren’t shown to potential buyers.

What is a low-quality listing according to Amazon?

  • Listings without the main/featured image or the product images provided do not comply with Amazon’s Standards & Specifications.
  • Listings without or missing brand information, invalid product description or incomplete bullets for categories.
  • Attempt to list items restricted for sale on Amazon.
  • Listing the product without defining the product category.
  • Product parent title with less than 80 characters for shoes, luggage, and apparel category and 130 characters for all other product categories.
  • Product listing violating Amazon Selling Policies.

Other reasons for suppressed listing:

  • If safety complaints are received from customers or sellers about a product listed.
  • Believing that you are trying to sell a second hand or used-item as New.
  • Believing you are trying to sell expired items.
  • Believing that your product is a replica/fake item.

What is the impact of suppressed listing on your sales?

If a product listing doesn’t match up to Amazon standards, then the odds of being suppressed are very high. Carefully following the Amazon guidelines is the one and only way to safeguard your product listing visibility to customers.

If a listing is suppressed by Amazon, a customer will not be able to find the listing in search results and the sales on that product listing will drop to 0.

How to identify & fix suppressed listings?

The good news is you can identify and correct a suppressed listing quickly.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Seller Account.

Click the Inventory tab → Select Manage Inventory.

  1. Select Suppressed from the Horizontal menu.

(Note: Only if you’ve suppressed listings to improve, then only “Suppressed” is visible. If in case you don’t have any suppressed listing, this option won’t be visible to you)

  1. On the Suppressed Listings page, view all suppressed listing. To filter by specific type of issue, click on issue type.

There are 3 different ways to fix the suppressed listing:

Option 1: Issue(s) to fix column:

Select the missing values from the drop-down list or fill the missing values in the editable cells and then click Save.

Option 2: To fix Suppressed Listings in Bulk.

Select multiple defects/errors that require a similar fix.

Click Bulk Fix Listing. Enter a value in the Fix quality issue for multiple listings pop-up view.

Option 3: To Fix suppressed listings that aren’t fixable under Option 1 & Option 2:

  • Go to the Edit Product Info Page and click Edit.
  • Here you can see the highlighted missing product details and informational messages including details of the issue.
  • For non-image issues, simply enter the missing value. Click Save & Finish.
  • For image issues, upload valid product images fulfilling Product Image Guidelines.

Why follow Best Practices for amazon product listing optimization?

If you don’t follow amazon listing optimization techniques, your products won’t rank in search results and you might lose your prospects and sales to the competitors.

Benefits of Amazon product listing optimization:

  • Increase Customer Visits.
  • Boost Sales & Conversions
  • Grow Profits.

What are the best practices to ensure amazon product listing optimization?

Five Pillars of Product listing optimization:

  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Key Product Features
  • Product Listing Description
  • Amazon Product Rating & Reviews

The above-listed points are the core elements of a quality listing. When these fields are equipped with quality information, the listed products have good chances to rank higher in search results

Five Pillars of Product listing optimization

Product Title

  • The length (Characters or words) of the product title should be as per the product title characters limit.
  • The product title should include something of an added value like the product benefit or the key element that increases your product value compared to your competitors’ products.
  • It is recommended to include the target keywords in the product title. Also, the product URL should definitely include your target keyword.
  • It is recommended not to use promotional words in the title like Best, Cheap, Top-rated, etc. This can straight away suppress your product listing.

Product Images

  • Only high-quality images should be used. Multiple images displaying the product from different angles should be used. The high-quality images featuring product features will give an edge over competitors and deliver a better shopping experience to your customers.
  • Use some images to demonstrate the size and scale of the product.
  • You can also use creative infographics.
  • It is advisable to invest in amazon product photography to ensure all the images are of high resolution and prospects can zoom, see clearly what they’re buying.

Key Product Features

  • The most important features of the product should appear at the top.
  • Highlight the guarantee/warranty, if any.
  • You can use display the product key features/ specifications in a table format.

Product Listing Description

Use high-quality content to describe your products. Try to include your target keywords to the description but do not over-use the keywords, which doesn’t make sense to the customer.

Amazon Product Reviews & Ratings

  • Product reviews are essential to meet Amazon’s algorithms. Product Reviews & feedbacks act as social proof, product quality proof, helps to build prospective customer’s trust in your offerings.
  • Providing high-quality products and flawless customer experience can help you to get good product reviews and ratings.
  • The product reviews will automatically fuel the ratings.

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How much time do you spend to create your Amazon Product Listing?

After investing hours and lots of effort, Arent you still able to get over Suppressed listings?

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