This is why Cleaning Business Software is so famous!

Cleaning Business Software

Managing your business with Cleaning Business Software is hassle-free and affordable too. Brush away the times of paper plans and muddled whiteboards. With cleaning Business software, organizations can streamline tasks and develop their business; all while making an increasingly actionable and responsible workforce.

The Cleaning Service Software will allow you to spend more time in flourishing your business, organize the staff and services in a better way, quick response customer inquiries, maintain a secure client database, and many other important tasks.

Reasons why Cleaning Service Software has gained popularity:

  • Streamline the day to day business operations to increase productivity.
  • Easily manage and generate invoices.
  • Helps to build better customer relationships: The customers can ask their queries online or contact via video calling or live chat. This builds brand strengthening.
  • Business Insights: You can check each and every detail of your website/app like no. Of visitors per day, no. of services booked, the payment received and more.
  • Never lose client’s data: The cleaning business software backs up all your data on the cloud, which means even if your hardware isn’t working properly or somehow you lose the access, your data remains safe. Using Cleaning Business software, you don’t need to worry about losing important information.
  • Track Client’s information: Tracking client’s information including his/her previous booked services, payment history, staff’s notes, and client reviews is an easy task with Cleaning Business software. This feature is helpful when you are running online marketing campaigns, offering special discounts to previous clients, etc.
  • Helps to save time: As an entrepreneur, you might have to handle all the business chores on your own. Using Cleaning Business Software can minimize your workload and could lend a helping hand. All the information will be kept in a safe, secure and accessible location. This helps to save a lot of time which can be utilized in other important tasks.
  • On-time job alerts: The cleaners will get the on-time job alerts as per the bookings, canceled bookings, rescheduled bookings and more.
  • Customer feedback: The customers can give suggestions and feedback on your website or app. Positive feedback is always good and negative ones help to become better.
  • Notifications, alerts, and e-mails: You’ll get instant notifications when the cleaning appointment has been booked by the customer, canceled or rescheduled.
  • Clients can browse and book the services easily.
  • Keeps the clients and cleaners with up-to-date information by sending instant notifications.
  • Easily manage schedules, cleaners, clients and vendors.
  • Eliminates paperwork, manual processes, and chances of errors too.

PWS Cleaning Service Software

PWS Cleaning Service Software is a complete solution to address your today and tomorrow needs. Before building the on-demand cleaning service solution, our team has conducted an in-depth analysis of the ins and outs of cleaning business and analyzed the common pain points that affect cleaning businesses of all sizes, locations, and nature. After the in-depth analysis, our experts have developed an on-demand Cleaning service solution to overcome these challenges and surpass client desires. Regardless of the business cycle, size, or location, Planet Web Solution has the industry-leading software solutions with the adaptability and capacity to address any business needs and objectives.

Start the successful Cleaning Business with PWS Cleaning Software Solution.


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