Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps integrates with Braintree

Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps integrates with Braintree

Progressive Web Apps: Revolution in e-commerce world

Since PWA Studio’s initial release with Magento 2.3, we noted that PWA’s (Progressive Web Applications) are the topmost choice for e-merchants looking for cost-effective and high conversion mobile solutions for their online businesses.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are the next big innovation in the thriving e-commerce industry. The merchants who invested in Progressive Web Apps for their Magento websites are enjoying and offering magnificent benefits of progressive web apps as opposed to mobile applications and responsive websites to their customers. Equipped with modern web capabilities, PWA’s are quicker to deploy without following any lengthy approval process.

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Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps integrates with Braintree

Customers expect both their info and payment details to be protected and to survive and grow in this highly-competitive market; you have to meet customers’ expectations. In reality, the merchants really need to listen to their customers and make decisions based on what is best for them, choosing everything wisely so that they are adding simplicity and not complexity. Offering a complete suite of customer-focused features and benefits along with easy checkout and highly secured payment gateway has always been a challenging task for developers.

In mid-June 2019, Magento announced that it has integrated Braintree (from Pay Pal)- a full-stack payment platform into PWA storefront called Venia, by default, allowing developers to begin with highly secured debit and credit transactions using the most trusted payment gateway. This gateway can be easily configured for Progressive Web Apps in just a couple of minutes, especially for present Braintree merchants.  Also, Braintree’s ease to integrate card flow enables developers to set it up quickly as well as accept debit/credit card payments in a flow that customers are familiar with.

Invest in PWA for your Magento Website

The architecture of Magento PWA’s is designed to boost your website’s conversions, offer a highly personalized and seamless experience that customers have not experienced before, and lift your e-business progress in all indicators. The Magento PWA’s exciting capabilities have given favorable experience to developers as well as to Corporates. The feedback from developers has been significantly positive.

Magento PWA’s have greatly influenced businesses of many big Corporates. Some of them are BookMyShow, Tinder, Trivago, Forbes, Pinterest, etc.

It’s high time to invest in PWA for your Magento site. If you will compare the PWA adoption challenges with the benefits offered by PWA’s, you’ll come to know that the gains from PWA implementation are more its cost. So, go ahead and allow your users to enjoy enhanced shopping experience along with trusted payment platform.

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