How Automotive Ecommerce Solution can Solve Automotive Industry Challenges?

How automotive eCommerce Solution can solve automotive industry challenges

The digital revolution has facilitated all the industries with a pool of growth opportunities and the automotive industry is not an exception. It’s no secret that this revolution has entirely changed the face of traditional business. Several big players are dealing with online vehicle sales but the success rate is quite low. On the other hand, the autoparts eCommerce platform is already a hit. Buying and selling auto parts digitally is in trend nowadays. Early adopters in aftermarket auto parts and the automotive market will gain a significant market share and dominate the market for the coming years too.

This article will explain how eCommerce is becoming the best solution for automotive parts retailers and how eCommerce is modifying the automotive market.

What are the challenges of the aftermarket auto parts & automotive market?

The automotive industry has been facing several problems for years. Some of them are:

  • Marketing issues.
  • Order processing issues.
  • Problems in receiving payments
  • Shipping products, etc.

To overcome these challenges and meet customers’ expectations to purchase auto parts and vehicles online, auto parts suppliers and retailers are looking forward to the reliable auto parts eCommerce solution and robust automotive eCommerce software.

What are the benefits offered by auto parts eCommerce solution?

  • Product Data in a structured format.
  • Integration with the physical/offline store
  • Brand strengthening.
  • SEO Optimized product description and landing pages.
  • Offer Product Bundling.
  • Advanced Filter options by manufacturing year, model and many more.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Inventory management.
  • Order Management.
  • Implementation of Dynamic Pricing business model.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence.

Magento: The right choice for automotive business owners

Magento is the most preferred eCommerce web development platform for merchants selling automotive products and automotive parts online.

Magento is a highly flexible, robust, scalable, and rich-featured equipped platform, that’s why our retailers are growing their automotive business at a higher rate. It provides the best tools to manage day-to-day operations and easy Omni-Channel and other system integrations to sell and manage inventory on multiple sales channels.

Learn how eCommerce is helping to overcome automotive industry challenges:

Sell everywhere, manage the business from a single location

The right eCommerce website will integrate to Omni-Channel retailing allowing the Admin to sell automotive products and autoparts at different channels and manage it from a single dashboard.

The different storefronts may include:

The website or online store

Build a beautiful and responsive website with advanced features that perform well on all the devices.

Physical/ Offline Store

The inventory can be automatically updated when you make a sale from an online store or offline store.

Online marketplaces

Showcase your products to a large audience by listing your products on high-traffic and popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Social Media

The modern shoppers also buy goods and services from social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Integrate e-mail marketing system

The e-mails or notifications to welcome new users, re-engage the existing ones and follow-up with cart abandonments can be easily done by the marketing automation system.

ERP_Ecommerce-Integration (1)

Smooth exchange of information

An automotive eCommerce solution enables the smooth exchange of information including inventory information, client information, product, order, payment, and shipping information, and many more. Automating this useful automotive information can be made in real-time via ERP integration to the online store. Both the buyer and seller can easily access the required information as and when needed.

Improved Order Processing

Buying automobiles is not as simple as buying clothes. A well-organized automotive web store with advanced filter options will help the customers in browsing different products and selecting the best that fits their requirements and budget. The effective automotive eCommerce solution doesn’t leave any scope of any error or confusion, regardless of the no. Of orders and order quantity. That’s why the store owner or the seller will be able to process each order easily and smartly.

Easy Product Navigation

Finding out the right auto part is much more difficult than purchasing an automobile itself. Searching the specific auto part in the store filled with Lakh of products is a challenging task for both the buyer and seller. But with auto parts eCommerce software solution, it is easy to apply multiple filters and narrow down the search and find the exact product with fewer efforts.

Easier Marketing- Product Recommendations

Planning and implementing marketing strategies for automotive businesses is not an easy task. As most of the time, it’s difficult to predict customer’s requirements, so how can the business owners plan and execute a marketing plan?

The automotive eCommerce solution can easily solve this major challenge. The amazing feature like ‘Product Recommendations’ allows the user to view other related products, as soon as they click on some product. With auto parts eCommerce solution, it’s easy to cross-sell and up-sell products and boost sales.

Cost-effective Marketing

The digital marketing of automobile industry products is a cost-effective approach to drive automotive sales. After creating an optimized Landing page, you need effective traffic and high-quality leads to boost automotive sales. A solid online marketing strategy has a cost. As long as the returns are favorable, the cost incurred in marketing activities is a wise investment only.

Easier payments & Shipping

The records like order details, shipping address, payment receipts, warranty and guarantee card, product certifications, etc are not easy to manage. The automated automotive eCommerce solution can easily handle the management of these records with zero error.

Magento: the robust web development platforms offer highly secured payment gateways like Braintree and many more. The secured payment platforms help in minimizing cart abandonment and increase sales.


We, at Planet Web Solution (PWS), provide customized web development services, suiting clients’ business needs and fitting their budget. Ecommerce is a great revolution in the automotive industry which has already given significant profit margin to many automotive vendors.

Integrating eCommerce solutions to the existing automotive business is a complex task. That’s why we suggest you apply proven methods that guarantee business success, increased sales and conversions and also allow you to manage your business without any headache. We also advise you not to explore the complicated world of e-commerce on your own. Instead, partner with a technical expert and grow your automotive business.

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