Is it really beneficial to invest in PWA for your Magento 2 website?

Is it really beneficial to invest in PWA

Yes, with no doubt or a second thought!

As the developers and customers both need a mobile responsive website to work on, Magento has introduced Magento PWA studio which enables the developers to build an online store in the website platform which actually looks and works like a mobile app.

This article will shed light on the questions like whether to invest in PWAS’s or not, and how it will influence business.

In order to understand the benefits of PWA for your Magento shop, understanding the meaning of Magento PWA is a prerequisite.

Magento 2 Progressive Web App (PWA)

Magento 2 Progressive Web App is the amalgamation of the best features of the website and mobile app. It uses browser capabilities and offers a mobile application like experience to the users. When PWA would be implemented to a Magento Website, it will give the best experience of an app without losing the robustness of the web.

Why it is worth to invest in Magento PWA Studio?

For e-commerce websites, PWA’s are no less than a blessing showered from Magento.

Below is the list of benefits offered by PWA development which will give strong reasons to the merchants/developers to accept this big change in e-commerce industry.

  • Avail Cost-effective M-commerce

With Digitalization, e-commerce is turning to m-commerce. No e-commerce store can break the profit walls if it’s not mobile responsive. Building and maintaining native apps to serve the benefits of m-commerce seems to be an easy process to opt. In reality, it is not! It requires a huge amount of monetary resources, regular maintenance and up gradation which could not be easily affordable by small or medium-sized stores. Also, there is no surety of even reaching break-even-point in terms of ROI. Moreover, there is a very less probability that the customers will download each particular web app of the website they like.

On the other hand, customers do not need to download any web app in the case of the PWA Magento website. The website only would serve all the features of a web app. PWA’s are a cost-effective way to serve your website offering features of mobile apps. The existing Magento website simply needs to be upgraded into PWA. (Please Note: The existing doesn’t require to be built again from zero). In order to convert the existing Magento website into the PWA Magento website, a company need to spend only 25 % of the cost as compared to the cost spent in building a mobile app. isn’t this impressive?

  • Remarkable/Exceptional Speed

The website’s speed has a direct impact on the visitor’s behavior and conversion rates. Slower the page load speed, higher the bounce rate, lower would the SEO ranking. Higher the page load speed, lower the burden on the server. Thereby, undoubtedly page loading speed is a vital factor for all e-commerce stores, and as suggested by Google the website should not take more than 2 seconds even if it’s experiencing high traffic.

Hire Magento Developer

If an e-commerce website is using Magento 2 Progressive Web App, luckily their customers are going to experience instant page loads and immediate access to the website. The PWA’s websites boost up their speed via Google Mobile Indexing. This will enable the potential customer to visit your e-commerce store frequently and thereby increasing the conversion rates and revenue.

  • No Device restriction

HTML/CSS, and JavaScript- the Progressive Web App is written in all these languages. This implies that it has a web connection and users can access the PWA Magento website in the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This shows that PWA’s really holds good credibility and wide accessibility.

The user doesn’t need to install any app to their device, just a few taps will create an icon of the e-commerce store on mobile’s home page screen, without acquiring much space of the gadget.

  • Works on Offline Mode

In the PWA Magento website, when a page is loaded for the first time the important feature like UI for the website is loaded and after the first launch of the app, other components are saved as cache memory in the device. So, for the next subsequent times, the complete revival of the app isn’t required. The cached memory will work in the offline mode. The Magento website will load fast and work smoothly even on 2G internet.

  • SEO Friendly

As mentioned above, PWA’s offer remarkable speed and can be easily accessed by various browsers and thereby PWA’s help in improving the search engine presence and ranking of your webpage. This will directly give your store tremendous traffic. These are proven words.

  • After implementing PWA, the new website of Best Western River North gained a 300% increase in revenue as compared to the old website.
  • Forbe’s PWA website loads in 2.5 seconds. The page load speed of the old website was 6.5 seconds.
  • The Book My Show’s PWA website is 180 times smaller than the iOS web app and 54 times smaller than the Android app. Such a remarkable difference is really appreciated.


Other examples of PWA Web Apps are:

  • Flipkart (248.4 M users monthly)
  • Tinder (4.4 M users monthly)
  • Uber (92.0 M users monthly)
  • Twitter lite (119.63 M users monthly)
  • Pinterest (11.13 M users monthly)


What’s next?

Implementing PWA to the Magento website can bring immense benefits to the business. PWA studio would be expeditiously adding new features, updated versions, enhanced reference themes, etc. This implies that PWA studio is going to offer more benefits in the near future. For detailed information on how to work with PWA studio, feel free to contact us.

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