Why MEAN stack is gaining popularity for modern web app development?

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In the digital era of mobile applications and websites, every business, whether small or medium sized is investing money for building websites and applications for their business.

With the growth of technological advancement and multiple technologies available, it is hard to decide the top technology investing in which leads to making most out of your investment. The most preferred technology is MEAN Stack Development.

This document will shed light on the introduction of MEAN stack technology and the reasons why it is gaining popularity for modern web app development.

What is the MEAN stack?

MEAN stack is an open-source technology, collection of JavaScript based technologies used to develop web applications and dynamic websites.

The word MEAN is an acronym for

M- MongoDB

E- ExpressJS

A- AngularJS

N – Node.js


MongoDB is a database manager that saves data in binary JSON format, works on the concept of collection and documentation. MongoDB is the cross-platform document-oriented database and thus it provides good performance, high availability and easy scalability features to the users.

As it supports server-side Javascript execution, it allows the Mean stack developers to use a single programming language; JavaScript for both the client and server side code.

The MEAN Stack Development Services allow developers to build applications using MongoDB without using traditional database relations (MYSQL).


ExpressJS is a web application framework used to support and host Node.js projects. It manages the workflow between the front end and the database, offering an easy transfer of data to the end user.

It’s designed to be handed down with Node.js and the compatible use of JavaScript throughout the stack.

It offers the finest error handling and excellent web design functionality to systematize the web development process. ExpressJS uses the CommonJS module standard to check unintended overwriting of variables within the common namespace. This implementation of JavaScript closure helps to avoid time wastage and costly errors.


AngularJS is another web application development framework, maintained by Google. It allows the developers to use HTML as their template language and extend HTML’s syntax to showcase the application’s components clearly and briefly.


Node.JS is an open source cross-platform with the JavaScript framework, used for building server-side and networking applications. The Node.js applications are written in JavaScript language, can run within Node.js time. It offers a wide collection of JavaScript modules.

Node.jS – Backbone of MEAN

Node.jS is the mainstay of the MEAN Stack. The purpose of building Expresso.jS was to work on top of Node.js. Angular.js connects consistently to Node.js for smooth data serving. Node.js comes with an integrated web server, allowing a smooth deploy of the MongoDB database and application to the cloud.

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Reasons why MEAN stack is gaining popularity for modern web app development

No need to hire different language specialists

MEAN stack allows the developers to write the entire code from client to server in JavaScript. The JavaScript language is flexible, dynamic and easy to use by the developers. The developers who have invested their time and money in learning JavaScript language feel blessed with this feature.

As every part of the MEAN works on the same language, there is no need to hire different developers to build each part of the application. It helps in cutting down the developer’s cost.

Hassle-free Update

The components of MEAN are open source which allows the MEAN stacks to get updated on a regular interval.

Easy to Understand

The MEAN stack is not complex, it is easy to use and understand by the developers. It also allows the developers to customize as per the business requirement.

Highly Flexible

After completing the development process, the MEAN stack application can be easily tested on the cloud platform. The developers can also add an extra field or information if required.

Front-end Development

The MEAN Stack Development Services allow the developers to build a creative and responsive website by working on its appearances.

Back-end development

The MEAN Stack Development Services allows the developers to add more features to the back-end of the website or application resulting in increased functionality and speed.

No need to create modules from Scratch

The development process of MEAN is less time consuming as it has a rich ready to use module library for Node.js. That’s why the developers do not need to create the modules from scratch. It also helps in creating high-end quality applications.

Easy transfer of Code

The transferring of code from one framework to another framework is easy to do with MEAN.

  • MEAN Stack technology supports the Modern View Controller (MVC)
  • The data flows securely among the layers of JSON. There is no need to rewrite or reformat the data as MEAN stack technology uses the same JSON data format everywhere.


Our Success Stories: MEAN Stack Development

Our innovative team of MEAN/ MERN Stack Developers has successfully launched various projects. Below is the list of few:

  • Grooom: Dealing with wedding related services.
  • Pateast: School Management Software.
  • Wikicare: Doctor Appointment booking platform.
  • Wikisiha: Doctor Appointment booking platform.
  • MedCare: Doctor Appointment booking platform.
  • Cliq A Lone: Dealing with Loan against property business.

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Having built dozens of web applications for start-ups, small, medium and large sized businesses, Our MEAN Stack Development Company knows all the ins and outs, pros and cons of every ongoing web development technology in the market.

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