Why Educational Institutions Need School Management Software?

School Management Software

What is School Management Software?

School Management Software is a systematic approach to manage the complex task of schools, colleges, coaching, and other educational institutions. School Management Software is a tool designed to automate the institution’s operations and management, paperless administration, avoid costly errors and unnecessary wastage of time.

Need for School Management Software in Educational Institutions

Builds School Branding

Your institution will be underrated if you don’t use School Management Software. The technologically updated institution would have a positive impact on the teachers, students, and parents as well. This positive impression will indirectly build school branding.

Easy & Smooth Communication

This software allows easy and faster communication between all the authorities of the school.

Also, the communication channel between students, teachers, and parents become easy and convenient.

The School can notify the parents about the school fee, student’s performance and report card, parents-teacher meet, examination dates, etc. The interface of School management Software isn’t complex at all. This tool can be easily used by technically challenged people as well.

Improve Teacher’s Productivity

The teachers do not need to manage side-tasks manually.  This will increase the teacher’s productivity as they can now focus on their core work.


All the information will be transparent with the School Management System. Even if a student is absent on a particular day, he/she can see tomorrow’s curriculum. If the parents are busy to visit school, they can see their child’s report card directly on the portal.

Employee & Payroll Management

This software helps in managing and keeping a record of the salary of teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. All the salary-related works like their bonus, deduction, leaves, etc. all can be calculated error-free with this software.

GPS Tracking

For student’s safety and security, the School Management Software provides GPS tracking facility to the Vehicle’s owned or managed by them, which can be accessed through web as well app.

Student Management

The data related to student’s admission, performance, and promotion, attendance, homework, school projects, and extracurricular activities, etc. is managed by School Management Software.

Inventory Management

The important inventory of the school like stationery, sports equipment, library books, etc is managed by School Management Software.

All the above-mentioned advantages give rise to the need for School Management Software to modern educational institutions.

Role of School ERP Software in Online Examination Management

Nowadays many educational institutions are using School Enterprise Resource Planning Software in order to access the efficient online examination management system.

School ERP Software

With the help of ERP systems, Schools are able to conduct objectives as well as descriptive examinations, without much human intervention. These School ERP Software work in an automated manner and take very little time to generate reports based on the grades, percentile and marks scored by the students. ERP Systems are capable of performing multi-task functions related to examinations.

Contribution of School ERP Software System in the Management of Online Examination

Eradicating Unnecessary Costs

The typical offline examination starts with preparing different sets of question papers, arranging answer sheets, and spending several hours in checking those answer sheets and so on. With the help of ERP Software, the schools are able to eliminate paperwork, save time and manpower as well. This process is very convenient for students, administration, and faculties.

The School ERP software helps in eliminating administering and managing costs involved in offline examinations.

Assessing Student’s Progress

With School ERP Software, it is easy for schools to conduct exams at any time; weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. This allows the teachers to evaluate student’s performance and judge where a student is lacking.

The School ERP Software assists the school authorities in judging their students as well as staff performance.

Eliminates Location Constraint

The students can appear for exams from anywhere, no matter what is their location, all they need is a good internet connection.

Instant Feedback

Like traditional examinations, there is actually no time gap between exam date and result declaration date. The School ERP software takes very little time to examine tests and calculate student’s percentile, % of answers correct and wrong, and grade. Some ERP Software can also provide personalized feedback for each test for each and every student. This system helps the students to get quick and in-depth feedback on how well they are doing in a particular subject and where they need to put more efforts to improve their weak areas.

Greater Security

The School ERP software holds a lot of important confidential information of students, faculties, non-teaching staff, school administration, examination record, school’s transactional information, etc. That’s why School ERP Software is armed with strong data security features and backup mechanisms.

No Question Paper Leakage or Hacking

It is extremely difficult to leak or hack the question papers with this system. Even if the exam papers are hacked, the administration can change the question paper at the last minute without much hassle. When compared to the traditional examination pattern, the exam needs to be canceled and rescheduled if this is the case. The exam cancellation and rescheduling involve huge costs, time and efforts. The educational institutions can save themselves from this situation by opting for School ERP Software.

The traditional examination method has a lot of loopholes. ERP software system fills all those undesired gaps and manages online examinations in an efficient manner.


The numerous advantages offered by School Management Software gives enough reasons to implement this system to the modern educational institutions. The School Management Software System will facilitate the schools, colleges, coaching centers and other educational institutions to manage their operational work smoothly and cost-effectively.

The traditional examination method has a lot of loopholes. ERP software system fills all those undesired gaps and manages online examinations in an efficient manner.

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