Why Foodpanda Clone is gaining popularity?

Why Foodpanda Clone is gaining popularity

The Booming Online Food Delivery Industry

In recent years, the online food delivery industry has witnessed speedy growth. With the help of Foodpanda Clone Script, a entrepreneur can commence the food ordering business in a very short span of time.

The food delivering apps allow the customers to order food from an array of cuisines and restaurants with just a few clicks on their smartphones. The advancement in digital technology has provided new roads to the food delivery market and the customers expect a similar level of comfort as they enjoy by shopping through e-commerce web apps.

Although the online food delivering industry is highly competitive but still, there is a very good potential for growth and investment in this industry. The players operating in online food delivery business are highly indulged in discount-driven battle. Offering discounts over the discounted price approach is helping the food ordering companies to engage more users to use their business platform.

Why Food delivering services are getting popular

Why Choose Food Panda Clone?

The food delivery industry offers a good deal of opportunities to the startup entrepreneurs and existing businesses to enter into this growing industry. But to make a smart move, it is important to choose the right technology which can help you to make most out of your investment and run a successful business.

Our Offerings in Food Panda Clone

Foodpanda Clone offers spectacular features to Admin, User (Customer), the Service provider (Restaurant), and Driver.

Foodpanda Clone Features for Customers

Browse by Location

Our app will allow the customers to search for food outlets offering doorstep food delivery services in their respective locations.

Instant Notifications

The high-end Foodpanda Clone will offer instant notification service to the customers, the service provider (restaurant), the driver (delivery executive) as soon as the order is placed. They all will get the prompt updates of every second and activity at the click of their fingertips.

Live Tracking

The customer can track the delivery status of the order via the inbuilt GPS with real time. Also, the customers will be notified with every stage of delivery; when the food order was picked from the restaurant, how long will it take to arrive at your destination and so on.

Multiple Restaurant Order with single Checkout Process

Food panda Clone allows the customers to enjoy hassle-free meal ordering experience by ordering the food items from multiple restaurants at the same time by using a single checkout process.

Search by Cuisine

The user can filter from the wide array of the listed restaurants on the basis of cuisines they are looking for.

Referral Code

This feature of Food Panda Clone will help in the vast reachability of the food ordering business. Also, both the existing customer and new customers can get some benefits with the referral program.

Special Instructions

The user can provide special cooking instructions to the restaurants if they are sick, have some food allergic issues, or just want the food to be prepared the way they like.

Add to Favorite

The customers can mark their Favorite food items and restaurants in the ‘Add to Favorite’ Section page and find them easily whenever they want to place the order.

Secure Payment

The payment made by the customers is highly secured via secure payment gateways.

Ratings & Reviews

The customers can provide ratings and reviews to the restaurant as well as the driver.


The customers can schedule a weekly, alternate day or monthly meal subscription with Foodpanda Clone App.


Food Panda Clone Features for Restaurant

Multiple Food Categories

With Food panda Clone, the restaurants can add multiple categories like veg and non-veg, multiple cuisines, different subcategories like starters, main course, desserts, combo offer, etc. 

Order Status

The restaurants can easily track and manage the order status of individual customers or customer belonging to a particular locality and so on.

Automatic Dispatch System

This system will automatically send the notification to the drivers, once the food is cooked and ready to dispatch.

Offline/Online Status

The restaurant has the ability to go offline or online based on their convenience or offline customer’s rush hours. The customers cannot place the food order when the restaurant is offline.

Foodpanda Clone Features for Driver

Pick Up Request

With the Food panda Clone app, the drivers will receive the request to pick up the delivery package from the restaurants to deliver to the customer’s location.

Customer Details

The customer’s location and address will be sent to the driver when he’ll accept the order pickup request.

Online/Offline Status

The Foodpanda Clone allows the driver to go offline or online at their convenience. The drivers won’t receive the pickup request when they are offline.

Manage Account

The drivers can manage their profile, their personal details, and other work experience details.

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Foodpanda Clone Features for Admin

Manage User Information

The Admin/Business Owner can easily manage their user’s information. The Admin can view and manage the details of the person or body, whosoever is using their platform.

The Admin can manage customer’s information, driver’s details and restaurant details.

Restaurant Listing

With Foodpanda Clone App, the admin can view, add, delete, edit any restaurant/café or food outlet from the list.

SEO Optimization

The Admin can apply the SEO techniques to their web app and improve search engine ranking.

Advanced Settings

The Admin can set the currency details, time horizon, commission %, web app appearance, and design, etc.

Push Notifications

The Admin can send the promo codes, offer coupons and other short messages to the mass users via push notification, e-mail, SMS, etc.

Multiple Payment Gateway

The Admin can add multiple secured payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. to the web app in order to provide convenience and smooth transaction facility to its users.

Commission Earned

The Admin can view the weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly details of the commission earned from different cities or zones.

Detailed Analytics

The Admin has access to the analytics reports of the no. of orders placed from different restaurants, locations and time zone.

How Foodpanda clone Script Work

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Food Panda like App?

If you are willing to enter into the thriving food industry, you must be concerned about the investment required. The development cost of Foodpanda like App depends on several factors.

An on-demand Online Food Ordering Script should allow the customers to place an order from websites as well as a mobile app. An effective Food Ordering Web App is built on four levels:

Four Levels of the App

Customer App

It includes a wide range of functions beginning from placing an order to ratings and reviews. This module includes search food by category, cuisine and location filter, cart section, checkout process, payment method, order status, and tracking, help & Support section, log in via social media accounts, rewards, and coupons, address book, etc.

Driver’s App

This module includes features like offline/online driver’s status, pick up orders, faster delivery services, real-time tracking, payment withdrawal, etc.

Service Provider’s (Restaurants) App

The restaurant module includes the restaurant’s admin panel from where the restaurant can add, delete and manage the products, edit product price, accept or decline orders, manage transactions, etc.

Admin App

This Admin module includes vast features and rich functionalities. It includes the restaurant, driver, and payment and order management.

The basic, advanced and unique features and functionalities provided to Admin, Restaurant, Driver, and User play a vital role in deciding the development cost of a food panda like app.

For e.g., if the Admin is looking for multiple restaurants order feature with a single checkout process or weekly meal subscription feature, the development cost will increase based on the complexity.


The development cost of Foodpanda like app is different for iOS and Android platforms.


The technology like Laravel, MEAN/ MERN stack, etc., used in building the website or app is another cost determinant.

Website or App

The website development cost is comparatively less than the app development cost. If you are looking for both, we can provide you the complete package.


The development cost of building a web app supporting multi-languages is relatively higher.


The web app design plays a key role. With all the advanced technologies, the ambiance of the web app should be simple, user-friendly and mobile responsive.

The design cost varies from project to project and Admin’s requirement.

The most important factor: Experts Cost

The cost charged by the food ordering app developers will change the price game. Obviously, the developers who have years of expertise will charge more as compared to the new entrants.

Testing Cost

After the app is built by the developer, it’s important to test the application before deployment.

According to investment bank UBS (Swiss Multinational Investment Bank), delivery sales could rise an annual average of more than 20 % to $365 Billion worldwide by 2030. For restaurants and food aggregators (third-party online food delivery services providers) that want to get a piece of the pie and enter into this thriving industry, implementing the right technology and right online food ordering script is crucial to attract the digital food shoppers.

We recommend you to take expert consultation before establishing your food delivery business.

We offer on-demand solutions for food ordering apps. Our Foodpanda Clone Script has all the latest features built with the latest technologies. But if you want us to offer more features to your web app, our team of experts will love to fulfill your business requirement.

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