What is Magento Community Edition and Who Will Need It?

Magento is one of the most popular open-source CMS platforms in the industry. Many businesses opt for Magento because of its flexibility and versatility in building websites. If you consider using Magento to make your website, you need to know about the various editions.

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Here, we give you a low down on the Community edition of Magento.

What Is the Community Edition in Magento?

The Magento Community Edition is the free edition of this option source platform that anyone can use. It is the best platform for small businesses and startups who want to build a good quality e-commerce website but don’t have much funds to deploy into the project. All the necessities you need in an e-commerce website are available with this version, and you can add some additional features through extensions and plugins.

What Are the Advantages of Community Edition in Magento?

There are several advantages of using the Community Edition of Magneto. The most prominent ones include:

  • It’s Free:

If budget is a concern, then the community version is the best way to build your website on Magento.

  • SEO-Friendly:

As a business, your website needs to rank high on search engines to become visible to customers. The Magento Community version is specifically designed to make your website SEO-friendly so that you can rank quickly.

  • Scalability:

Magento is built with scalability in mind for businesses so that you can scale your website efficiently even with the community edition.

  • Flexibility:

The Magento Community edition comes with web service API, code-level access, global selling, and multiple integrated functions that make it a flexible web development platform.

  • User Experience:

The Magento community version has various features such as mobile friendliness, catalog management, integrated payment checkout and shipping, and multiple store options that can give your customers a great shopping experience on your website.

What Are the Disadvantages of Community Edition in Magento?

Although the Magento Community Edition is an excellent framework for building an E-commerce website for a small business, it is not without some shortcomings. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Speed:

If you have a large business with various diversifications in your catalog and products, you may face the problem of slow loading speed and navigation with Magento’s Community Edition. It functions pretty well for a smaller website, but you may have to switch to the enterprise edition as your business grows.

  • Discoverability:

For an E-commerce website, discoverability is a crucial element for success. But in Magento’s community version, the search feature isn’t as advanced as possible, so you may lose customers or sales if the customers can’t find the products easily.

  • Support:

One other essential feature lacking in Magento’s Community edition is support service. If you get into a fix, you may not get instant help from the Magento team with the Community version.

Who Should Opt for Magento’s Community Edition?

Magneto’s community Edition is for you if you are a small business or startup that has just entered into the e-commerce section and needs a small website to get things running. It is free and has all the essential features required for a small website. Later as your business expands, you can switch to the paid version with more advanced features.

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