Reasons to Opt for Magento for your Ecommerce Website Development

10 Reasons why you should opt for Magento if you are planning to open your online shopping store.

Magento, the most robust eCommerce platform, has changed the way people do business online. Ever since its launch in 2008, demand for Magento has grown leaps and bounds, making it the most preferred choice for developers, leading online companies, business entrepreneurs and merchants worldwide. Known for its scalability, flexibility, and modular features, Magento has become the most preferred option for developing eCommerce stores. Magento comes in umpteen numbers of features. Here are top 10 reasons why Magento is the best services for your online shopping store:

1. Open & Free Source: This means anyone can install Magento as there is no license cost included in downloading this service. All one need to do is follow simple instructions — without taking help from any professional. Hence, saves money and time.  The unique thing about Magento store is that one can easily modify or customize it as per the needs of the merchants. It comes with plenty of free extensions as well. Flexibility and customization are the two main features that make Magento the most preferred choice.

2. Enhanced SEO and Marketing: Opening an online store is not just enough. It needs the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing tools in making an eCommerce store successful and profitable. Magento comes with specially developed user-friendly SEO engines and built-in marketing features help every online store to easily access the tools as per the requirement.

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3. State-of-the-art Features: Magento comes with integrated features that enhance user experience and increase sales. The user-friendly and sophisticated techniques, Magento drastically improve the performance of the website. Magento also allows eCommerce store owners to set up multiple stores from the same backend like event, observer, rewrites, grids, etc. The rich functionality allows establishing a fully operational eCommerce site.  In case, if the store required additional and updated features, Magento offers the option to create extension and features as per the requirement of the eCommerce store owner.

4. Scalable Solution: The exclusive thing about Magento is that it can adapt to changes easily without damaging the eCommerce store system. Magento offers scalable solutions that can be compatible with prepared extensions or third party software effectively, giving e-store owners the option to incorporate database applications, shipment status, payment gateways and so on. A small e-store owner can start off with basic Magento and keeps upgrading as his business increases.

5. Impressive Customer Service and User Support: A user account is the first thing which may lead to numerous customer complaints. Magento helps to create and enrich a customer account with order history, wish list, and more for efficient Ecommerce. Customers will enjoy such features as improved order tracking/confirmation e-mails, “Contact Us” forms, and live chat solutions provided by this platform. Customers also stay pleased, thanks to the loyalty programs extension (rewards based discounts). The extension library of Magento offers a range of solutions to extend the available features to match any particular business requirements. Magento experienced developers make sure this software is highly robust and rich for its features.

6. Mobile Optimization: In today’s fast evolving lifestyle, more than 1.2 billion people access the internet on mobile devices. Magento comes with a remarkable feature that enables e-commerce services on mobile phones. To be successful, an eCommerce store needs to be mobile friendly. Magento includes built-in features for better mobile optimization.  It even facilitates online payments through mobile.

7. Suitable Search Tool: An effective search tool provides excellent eCommerce experience. The search feature of Magento comes with state-of-the-art technology that includes auto-suggestions, faceted search, and spelling check. These features make the search process faster and efficient. This, in turn, helps a user to search for the desired information without having to surf through long product listings.

8. Multi Stores and Languages: Magento allows setting up multiple stores based on a single installation, which means that the e-store can be operated in different languages. The product costs, service, and other information can be set according to different countries and currencies. Further, the flexibility of Magento allows the e-store to adjust the components of the online store to multiple languages within single or several e-stores easily.

9. Modular Structure/Theme: Magento comes with extensive customizations of front-end as well as back-end structures. The built-in modular themes and features help to execute e-store requirements and business goals without having to change the whole system.

10. Security Measures: Security is the first priority for any eCommerce business to sustain and build trust among consumers. Magento knows this very well and, therefore, comes with high-end security measures such as highly secure payment options with PCI standards for data security. The secure payment tool helps build customer trust in the e-store and hence increase the traffic. Magento provides abundant security to both online business owners as well as the customers.

All in all, Magento is an essential tool for any ecommerce development solution which has so much more to offer. It has been labeled as an amazing platform that opens the doors for e-stores to prosper hassle free!

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About the Author: Piyush Mathur is working with Planet Web Solution Pvt. Ltd as Project Manager and Senior Web Developer. He is a result-driven young professional with 9 + years’ experience in Web Development, Systems Set up, Technology Administration along with PHP, MySQL, XML, and HTML implementation knowledge. He is also a technocrat with expertise in Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Oscommerce and Zencart open source platforms.

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