Mobile Website Optimization Checklist

Over the years, Internet usage has increased exponentially! Reasons are many and obvious too. Users can now access the internet in numerous ways. Tablets and Ipads have become immensely popular mediums for getting access to the Internet & other online entities nowadays. For the reason, having a mobile website is indispensable.
Moreover, if you’ll observe people in public places, you’ll notice that they browse web more often on their multimedia phones & handheld devices more than the traditional gadgets. Interestingly, Number of such users is increasing day by day. This is the predominant Mobile Era & with the rapidly increasing population of mobile users, more and more website owners are giving a priority to mobile web development. Nevertheless, it’s a great need also!

Mobile Usage 2013

Mobile Website optimization: Benefits at a Glance

  • Improved User Experience

Mobile websites are primarily designed for the users who are engaged with their Smartphones most of the time. In today’s world, nobody wants to use a desktop when smart phones are accessible. Undoubtedly, mobile websites hold a lot of potential in enhancing a user experience, especially in this present mobile oriented world!

  • Faster Download Speed

Mobile websites are specifically designed as per the mobile standards, so you need not to wait for long time durations while accessing a website.  Download speed is usually fast which means a more improvised browsing experience.

  • Engagement and Context

Smartphones come with some exceptionally great features such as click to call, mapping functions etc that offer instant engagement provisions to a user! Likewise, if you own a business at a particular location in town then people can find your business in almost no time or to be more technically specific in nano seconds, by way of location based search technology.

  • Improved Search Performance

A mobile website tends to improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines like Google. Hence, a user can get any results which he/she is looking for, very easily & quickly.

  • Portability & Connectivity

The biggest benefit of a mobile website is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere! & this much ease of access has provided people with ample of opportunities to connect with their target audience in many different & innovative ways, irrespective of their location.

  • Competitive Advantage

A mobile website lets you achieve a position where you can stand out amongst your competitors. A mobile website has to be pretty much captivating & capable of attracting new users. If your website does not appears to be of good quality & attractive in terms of presentation on a Smartphone, then it can be an ‘Opportunity Lost’ as the Good Site Traffic will not translate into Good ‘Time on Site’ & ‘Time on Page’, ultimately decreasing ‘Returning Visitor Ratio’.

  • Integration with Offline Media

Mobile devices can bridge the gap between offline & online media with the help of QR Codes. These codes are displayed in print, and then scanned through Smartphone and then translated into electronic message such as a website URL or other data. It adds a new dimension to the ways of interacting with any advertising media.

Mobile SEO Checklist:

Here is a highlight about the main points for doing audit of a Mobile Website. A Mobile Website Audit for SEO features a health checkup of your mobile website to ensure that your website isn’t confusing search engines, and thus leading to any penalties. Depending on the size and complexity of your website, this task can vary in time required to complete your website’s audit.

Checklist 1Checklist 2You can download the checklist in PDF format here.

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