9 Best Infographics of the Marketing World

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Before getting to the core of this article, I’d like to first come up with the concept of this info-graphic post.  Actually, we were searching for an info-graphic that could help our readers to get familiar with latest internet marketing trends, techniques and strategies. But unfortunately we were left embarrassed, as search engines failed to response to our query regarding Info-graphic “despite of the fact that approx.  2, 7000,000 pieces of content are shared Everyday! Ironic! Isn’t it?

So we crafted an optimum solution by collecting the best available Info-graphic resources. Here is the list of some best internet marketing info-graphics around the web.

1. Nine SEO Experts Future Marketing #Infographics

#SalesForce interviewed with nine of the biggest thought leaders in the #SEO industry on where they see marketing heading over the next few years.


2. Local Search Engine Optimization for Business

This info-graphic enriches your perception towards local search engine ranking factors that are undeniably important for your business.


3. The International SEO Checklist

Here is the SEO checklist, with a step-by-step guide for your internationally targeted business by #Aleyda Solis the head of Digital strategy at Woo Rank.


4. Google’s 200 Ranking factors

What can I say about this!! This one is the marvelously crafted infographics comprising all factors that can affect your search engine rankings. #Search Engine Journal provided the complete list of ranking factors.


5. 21 Rules for Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Read the unwritten 21 rules of Social Media Marketing to build a strong foundation for any social media campaign.


6.  21 New Rules of Content marketing

Increase your presence with the help of #findability.  Here are the 21 Rules of content marketing to engage with your visitors.


7. The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

Periodic Table!!!  Yes it is, But not scientific. This Periodic table elaborates the factors of SEO success. Although, It is not an info-graphic but still it is very important to consider this table if we are making users familiar with the SEO


8. Zombie SEO

Stay out of the crawlers (Zombie Techniques) otherwise they will kill your rankings. Very scary if you are using one of the mentioned technique. Read carefully!!


9. Quality Score

An interactive step by step infographics to improve the quality score of your ads.


If you come across more awesome infographics, do share with us in comments.

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