Customer Acquisition tricks for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Designing a beautiful online store overloaded with thousands of merchandise with attached discount coupons isn’t enough to generate profits. To generate revenue, you need to make sales and to improve conversion rates, you need to acquire more and more customers. And if you’ve mastered that, you can conquer this competitive world of eCommerce with smart weapons.

Build Product Confidence

Win the customers heart and mind.

Make your prospects believe that you are selling the same what you say you’re selling and most importantly at the right price. And from the customer’s point of view, the right price is the one which is least in the market, cheap from your competitors. Product delivery time, free exchanges/returns, availability of their preferable mode of payment also matters to customers. And yes, the Security!

Building product confidence among potential customers is very important to turn them into customers. A good SEO can give good search engine ranking to your business, but if your products aren’t able to earn customer’s confidence then probably they won’t buy, never return and end up choosing your competitors.

Make a customer, not just a sale!

Focus on Quality Traffic

Its not quantity that matters, quality traffic is what actually pays.

Online marketing professionals need to understand the importance of quality traffic. The advertising campaigns should only focus on the potential customers of the advertised product category. The prospective customer should be thoroughly filtered based on different criteria and the advertising campaign should only target the well-filtered prospects. This will give quality leads and more customers.

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Connect on Forums

Talk to people where people are discussing the offerings similar to yours.

Discussion forums could either turn as the best place or the most threatening place to your business, depends on the way you behave. Read posts of your competitors carefully, do not follow them blindly instead try to find their loopholes. Try to join the conversation and exhibit your products smartly. Present your products in the most creative way you can, without violating the forum’s policies.

The greatest assets of every company are its customers.

Work on a long-term strategies instead of short-term hacks.

A long-term plan will strengthen your business branding.

The short-term sales tactics like creating a scarcity of the most-demanded products could give you instant sales. But it’s a short-term deal. If you want to acquire the customers in the long-run, opting good Search Engine Optimization techniques, e-mail marketing, effective social media marketing can lead to success. With the increasing trend of instant notifications, e-mail marketing is losing its essence. But it still holds power if applied properly. Try to increase engagements via personalized e-mails and target on unopened e-mails.

Set up an affiliate program.

You can contract individuals with a large fan following to promote your company or products and pay them accordingly. Also, you can set lucrative incentive slabs to attract more people to participate in the program.

Wrapping it up!

Opting offline strategies like banners & flexes, putting up a stall in local events could also increase customer acquisition, but it’s restricted to geographical boundaries. Acquiring new customers and retaining them is a challenging task. Offering high-quality products with exceptional customer services is the best strategy for sustainable growth. Spending lacks on advertising would be a waste if you aren’t delivering the promised quality goods and services. And of course, re-marketing advertising campaigns should be taken seriously. If you are dealing with certain goods like electric shavers which requires a new blade after each month, it is advisable to offer quarterly or annual subscription packages to your customers. First, understand your market, then your customers and then determine different tactics to acquire more and more customers. Implement these tricks smartly and focus on long-run growth, instead of short-term success.

Customers’ loyalty is something that has to be earned. For that, you should thoroughly understand the factors which affect the customers buying decisions, things which actually matter to them. A perfect balance of paid marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, organic search marketing, affiliate marketing, and offline marketing plus exceptional customer services with high-quality products at the right price, right place and right time could give a boost to your online venture.

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