Why Magento is Considered The Best For e-Commerce Development?

Why Magento is Considered The Best For e-Commerce Development

E-commerce is a rising trend. The online concept of selling makes more sense than ever now with people increasingly turning towards digitization. They have access to better internet connectivity and have gadgets to interface with online services. This further gets empowered by the growing aids of technology and the support that prevails in the expanding universe of online services.

The growth of online commerce has been phenomenal in the last decade. The most evident and direct reason is the development of e-commerce platforms and the incessant rise of the service base and the community ecosystem around it.

Along the course of the evolution of online shopping, e-commerce development systems and resources have continuously grown to serve businesses in the digital space.

If we drill it down to value proposition, it has been relentlessly ruled over by one big-world solution – Magento. Happens to be the most revered and regarded open-source e-commerce platform powering over 100,000 stores. With celebrated brands like Ford, Nestle, and Liverpool in its kitty, Magento remains high on credibility charts.

With a magnificent service track record and great shopping cart feature keeping it alive as the most prolific e-commerce development platform, Magento takes the majority share of 30% of total market occupancy.

Since its debut in 2008, it has grown fold-by-fold to reveal ever better service capability and user experience with concepts that dominate the practices of online selling.
Advanced channel of store fulfillment, hyper-integrated B2B structures, fool-proof business intelligence, and expansive community support are some of the features that make it a great system to invest in and build stores with.

But, what makes it so dependable and prolific as a platform at the service utility level? Why is it popular among general business users? What makes it the best platform for e-commerce development? Let’s figure it out in these pointers:

1. Flexible CMS

Magento has a strong Content Management System base. It allows users to easily take control of dynamic product cataloging and to effectively manage business profiles. Many businesses that have expanded over time to build a bigger product lineup have found it easy to adapt through the course of expansion. It offers you a system to effortlessly commit to product augmentation and to scale it further to acquire bigger platform roles.

2. Advanced SEO

Every business wants to be on top of search engine results in their niche. This is only achievable when your website is built on a strong SEO foundation. Magento is a platform that allows businesses to apply advanced SEO techniques to rank high on search results. Magento allows validating URLs, implementing rich snippets, search-optimizing categories and products, creating SEO-friendly sitemap, managing tags, and optimizing the content on the site with its full-featured SEO toolkit.

3. Extensions

Magento offers a vast pool of high-quality extensions. These extensions help in extending the features of your product to serve the ever-growing needs of your users. For instance, if you are looking to connect with your customers and assist them through the newly integrated payment process or help them with any search query you may just add a live chat extension to the program. You do not need to create it from zilch. This makes it a lot smooth and handy to build your product and keep adding to its value from time to time.

4. High on security

Magento is considered one of the most secure platforms for e-commerce till date. It is PA-DSS compliant and follows global security norms serving 14 security criteria to build a fool-proof system to safeguard data and transactions at all levels. This is the reason Magento is considered a highly dependable platform when it comes to addressing online security risks and threats.

5. Options for Hosting

Magento never limits businesses to opt for native hosting services. This opens up options for them to freely choose the hosting provider and the plans as per their needs. This goes far in deciding the ownership and proprietary control they have over hosting and changing their service packages as they grow and expand as a service in the future. Also, with Magento businesses get to host and manage multiple websites from a single back-end admin. A great feature to add to the ease of managing e-commerce sites!

6. Custom Integrations

Owing to the large repository of development resources and third-party component library for integration support, Magento becomes the first choice of e-commerce developers. The best part, it allows customization at modular level and allows you to build your store the way you like it going with custom third-party integrations for payments, referrals, stock management, and marketing automation, etc.

7. Mobile-friendly sites

In 2021, over 79% of mobile users have made online purchases using their devices. The volume and frequency of mobile shopping are growing continuously and therefore mobile-friendliness is going to be a decisive factor for a business to sustain and perform in the online space. Magento allows building solutions for various display formats and screen interfaces offering cross-browser compatibility for a seamless user experience across device categories. This greatly adds to the business’s on-screen visibility and reach.

To conclude

These are the factors that propose Magento’s prowess and competence as an e-commerce development platform. With these features and traits, Magento has delivered great value to businesses and has proved to be an efficient programming system in the segment of e-commerce. The expectations are on the rise as it continues to deliver better offerings to help businesses gain a newer and better perspective of online selling.

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