It’s the SMO Age – How to get Social Media Leverage in 5 Steps

In the present age of Social Media optimization, social media has become a vital part in the process of web site promotion and branding. It acts as a potential channel that connects a web site with the social networks and keeps it in cache memory of the Internet users. Following are a few effective tips for getting enhanced traffic on websites by way of social media sources.

  • Content: “Content is King & SMO is Queen”

Content is the most important part of the SMO (social media optimization) strategy. It is like the bait that attracts the reader / users on a site. The content being published on the online entities like blogs and other kind of social media sites are more likely to gain more exposure and traffic. It is essential for a content being posted to be of good quality. The readers only like to read informative & entertaining content. The Stats show that companies having a blog for their web sites have 55% more visitors than the websites without blogs. Today, as much as 70% of consumers’ prefer knowing a company through an article rather than an Advertisement.

  • Social Media Icons:

Social Media Icons are the small icons that we can add on our website or the required webpages. This offers the visitors an enhanced reach to our Social activities & more traffic to our site. Usually, all kinds of social media websites namely, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, Google+, linkedn, etc provide their proprietary icons and widgets.

  • Integrate Social Activity:

Usually, the activities of a brand are visible on its social media channels but this can also be played in reverse order.  The WebPages should be integrated with the feeds of social media activity along with the icons so that the visitors can get involved on a social platform without any delay of the respective brand.

  • Employing Analytics:

Integrating the site code with Analytics tracking codes can help the admins to understand the flow of traffic on the page. By employing analytics, we can update our strategy based on which the target audience, niche etc can be updated accordingly. Besides, this will also help in an in-depth knowledge of the traffic flow.

  • Using Insights for Better Analysis:

There are various softwares that provide a detailed report about the insights of social media pages to study the user inflow with better campaign tracking & management.

In a nutshell, the new age of optimization & information sharing is all about quality content which is not just easily accessible but is also shared at the social media joints served with a special garnish. All the feeds, plug-ins, Social media icons and widgets are the latest ways of attracting more & more users so that the reach of a web page in terms of information sharing is enhanced exponentially.

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