9 Vital PPC Advertising Tips to Grow your Online Business


Key factors of PPC optimization for online retailers to help them stand out…

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an internet advertising concept that is used to target relevant traffic to websites. It works on targeted keywords or users who are searching for a specific type of product or service online. Here are 9 important PPC tips to grow your eCommerce business.

The eCommerce industry has thrived upon visitors who are highly motivated on buying online. To tap such visitors is a tedious task. That is when PPC advertising and other such optimizations and marketing strategies come into the picture. However, there are several eCommerce owners and retailers who are either not aware of the advantage of PPC advertising or do not understand how to make the best use of the marketing strategy. Basically, PPC advertising, also known as sponsored links, helps your website to stand out, expand your lead generation and boost conversions on your website.

This powerful tool, which has been around almost as long as digital marketing, is one of the most lucrative means of driving users to your website and generate immediate leads to growing your business revenue. Though PPC is known for delivering instant and effective outcomes, there are a few things that you need to know before you jump into the PCC pool. While there are many factors contributing to the success of your PPC adverts, here are a few vital tips to help you get started with PPC.

Pick Right Search Engines

While refining and developing your marketing plans, you would want to work with limited budget. And so, organizing a huge PPC campaign to reach every search engines won’t seem possible. In this case, it is advisable to search and consider only those search engines that will route you to your target audience. This is how it works: Every time a user clicks on your ad on the search engine, it routes the user directly to your website, in return you have to pay that particular search engine. The trick is to well-design your PPC campaign, so when that user buys your product, the amount you pay will be worth more to your business.

PPC is usually stationed next to search results on Google and Yahoo. However, for PPC, if you want to invest in only one search engine then Google is your best partner. The biggest advantage of marketing with Google is that it rewards good ad performance. It not only rewards the highest bidders for that ad space, but it rewards the most popular ad which means, the better your ads, the greater the clicking ratios and lower your costs. Therefore, be clear about which search engine to choose and what impact will it make on your revenue.

Watch Your Keywords

Core keywords are considered to be the crux of online marketing and have a unique selling proposition to them. Basically, keywords comprise relevant words and lines that can be useful in attracting huge traffic to your website easily. Therefore, it is always better to target the right keywords for your PPC adverts and campaigns. In fact, they are more important for PPC advertising than any type of marketing or SEOs put together. Core keywords should consistently deliver better sales results, lower acquisition cost, and higher ROI.

Look for those PPC keywords that have higher relevancy and a low cost-per-click, and which helps you target the right customers. Your PPC advert should use the keywords that have more relevance so that when a user is looking for a particular item, your PPC advert automatically displays that item or product. Also, if a user is searching for particular words and those words are in your PPC ad, then they will stand out on the search engine page.

However, the best solution to determine which keywords to choose is to put yourself in the place of your target customers and their purchase cycle or search behavior. Look for what’s popular words. The cost of keyword varies depending on the industry and search terms. Certain keywords are popular and therefore more expensive than others, but it’s all about conversions ratio in the end.

Define PPC Budget

Before implementing on your PPC plan, be sure what you want to work on and structure the budget accordingly. Decide upon how much you need to spend for each click you receive and the rates of conversions. Invest in such areas that give maximum conversions. Also, decide where and when you want to run your PPC ad, and at what cost. Invest accordingly in those PPC ads that are built on smart keyword selection and yield best results.

Ad Copy Display

Speaking about ad copy, whenever you plan to set up your PPC campaign, the prime targets are the search engine and display networks. Though both these concepts are different, they effectively help to reach out to your target users. However, it’s best to utilize both the concepts separately to yield better results with more control over performance as well as spend.

There are ways to use the ad copy display to your advantage. It can direct your ad traffic on the landing page and improve the click-through ratio affectedly. Further, while creating an ad group, make sure you’re exhibiting integration and consistency as the search engines always look at your ad management in terms of how well it is organized, which keywords the ads will display and so on. Integration can be offered by creating a system wherein keyword groups, ad content and landing page are always created and closely integrated with one another. The ad copy should convey and display exactly what the user is searching for.

Link to the Landing Page

Online businesses invest a huge amount of time and money in developing good PPC ads. But despite spending on ads, keywords, and campaigns, the growth and success of the business website won’t be complete without the proper landing page. The landing page is a replica of your website with a specific use of generating lead and converting into prospective conversion. Your website landing page should be such that it encourage visitors to take the next step. Since PPC is designed to help users find exactly what they are looking for online, your landing page should fit right into the process by being the next step after a user clicks your PPC advert.

So instead of confusing the visitor by linking PPC ad with your website homepage, the ad should direct the visitor directly to the relevant landing page, in just one click. However, to convert lead into a prospect buyer, make sure the layout of the landing page is clean, clutter-free, with relevant product images and videos, has specific services and special offers as mentioned in the PPC advert. Also, make sure that the content and language on the landing page should match with the text in your PPC ad and keywords. The landing page should prominently display your contact details and call to action.

Stand Out & Be Different

A website is one of the best media to make your business stand out from the rest but is also one of the most competitive ones. Therefore, be an attention grabber by being different than your competitors. Effective PPC advertising is the fastest way of making your business lucrative. Ads are the bridge between your products/services and the prospect visitors and if you want to surge your conversion rate, it’s time you stand out.

Attracting and pitching visitors to your website is not a cake walk, considering that your competitors are sharing the same space with you. To differentiate your website, there are only a few things that allow you to stand out, like catchy ads and headline, better services, competitive price, identifying unique selling point, compelling call to action and so on.

Leverage Geographic Targeting in Paid Search

Specific geographies can be targeted to the country, state, metro and all the way to customized coordinates. The value of geo-targeting is easy: if you can’t service a region, don’t advertise in it. Looking at it another way, if your stores in Miami sell merchandise that’s different than what moves in Seattle, you’ll want to manage your program taking such factors into account.

First, you need to understand how geography impacts retail vs. online sales. How far are people willing to drive to visit a store? Do you offer specials online? Geographic store density is also a factor. Do you have stores on every corner or a few regionally located? Set up your ad covering the areas your physical stores serve. Doing so enables tailoring of ad copy to in-store promotions or specials that can’t be delivered online.

In a separate campaign, target the geographies not supported by physical stores. Also take note of regional nuances in language. An example of this is “pop” versus “soda.” Some folks even use “coke” as a generic for any carbonated sweet beverage in a can. Use this knowledge to speak to your audience with the language they use.

Improve Online Reputation

For any business, be it online or offline, reputation is the key factor to staying relevant in the market. The best way to increase your business reputation is by offering best services.

The interacting skill of your customer care staff will make a huge impact on the minds of the visitors, as well as the conversion ratio. To make sure they communicated properly, record the phone call conversation of the staff and visitor and evaluate it. This will help to grade and improve the way your staff responds to customer inquiries and grievances. Great customer service can result in positive reviews, more return visits, conversion, and referrals. Build brand awareness with effective PPC advertising.

Generally, a website’s reputation is built on blog posts, reviews, and comments about the particular product and services. Manage your reputation by listening to your customers and what they have to say; even a quick response to their query also makes a huge impact. Also, never shy away from negative remarks, instead learn from it and move on.

Get Expert Help

Since PPC adverts provide huge earning potential for online businesses, there’s no shame in asking for professional help when it comes to carrying out ads in the right manner. PPC ads have the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but PPC advertising experts takes technical proficiency to do it properly. For online businesses that are new to PPC, constant monitoring and managing PPC ad is too complex and time-consuming job. Therefore, instead of being petrified by it, it is better to seek advice and support of PPC advertising experts.

A PPC specialist will review every potential aspect of your website and finds a way to improve your conversion ratio. Cost wise, hiring a PPC expert will cost less than launching advert on your own because PPC will cost you money every time you use it. Therefore, until you have prior experience with PPC, avoid attempting it yourself and hire PPC expert to handle things for you.

Now that clear how important pay-per-click advertising is and how it can boost your overall marketing energies, you are probably all set to execute the ads on search engines. All you now requires is careful planning and inclination to grow your online business!

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