3 Tools to Share Your Great Content

There has been lots of chatter going on about content marketing. After guest blogging apocalypse by Matt Cutts, it’s very important that you generate only high quality useful content. This made SEO very difficult for companies with low marketing budget as generating high quality content takes lots of monetary efforts.

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For SME, it’s very important that internet marketers take most of the juice out from this costly content. Below are 3 awesome tools that you should use to promote your content

1. Viral Content Buzz

In simple words, this tools give you credit when you share other’s content. Using that credit, you can create a social sharing project. Each share of your article will consume some credits from your account. You can specify the category for your content and users interested in sharing content in that category will see your social sharing project automatically. Sweet Deal!

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2. Triberr

It is a community of bloggers (a.k.a tribe) where users can read topics according to interest, comment on them and share them on 6 social platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon and Pinterest. It also gives you an option to stick your post on Triberr system at small cost, pro advertising concept.

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3. BufferApp

It’s a great social media sharing management tool with lots of feature to automate sharing. One of the best features of Buffer app is scheduling your tweet automatically at the best time when your audience are active. Buffer achieves it using data from Followerwonk, a Moz Tool.

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Pro Tips:

  1. Share your stuff to the sites/authors that you have given a reference to in your article.
  2. Do not sit back after initial sharing,if a tweet worked, send it again.
  3. Use relevant hash (#) tags in your posts.
  4. Be active when your audience are active.

If you have more awesome social sharing tool in your arsenal, be sure to include them in comments.

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