3-D Illustrations – The Next Web Design Trend in 2022

3-D Illustrations

The 3-D illustration is one of the top trends of 2021 and shows no signs of slowing down, even in 2022. This allows the designers to lift their ideas from the page and induce life into them.

3-D style is very dynamic and has successfully expanded in graphic design, web design, social media, digital interfaces, and so much more.

The practice of 3-D is widely used in apps where the funky cartoon characters are made realistic and attractive with soft candy colors. It brings a lot of eyeballs and helps a brand get better customer engagement.

Whether you want to create something on the lines of real-life objects or want to give wings to your imagination, 3-D illustration can provide you with far-reaching artistic possibilities.

What is 3-D illustration?

The technology of 3-D design is a powerful tool in the hands of graphic designers that came around a decade back.

It runs its magic from topography to images by adding depth, gradient, shading, shadow effect, and artistic coloring. When these 3-D illustrations are combined with movement and animation, viewers are automatically drawn to the design.

It wasn’t in wide practice as 3-d designing required hardcore software. But now, it can be done on a web browser, thus solidifying the trend even further.

What Makes 3-D Illustrations So Popular?

The coming of cutting-edge technologies has made it possible to create illustrations with ease. There was a time when graphic designers dreaded the difficulty of 3d design creation, and only a few top-tier companies were able to tap into it, that too on a limited scale.

However, the tables have turned now, and 3-D illustration has become a convenient design tool that’s more accessible than ever. The interactive element of this design is one of the major factors behind its popularity.

Brands prefer illustrations that move, transform and animate as all of this can display their product or service better than flat images. Moreover, these designs help in creating striking brand awareness.

Most Common Sub-trends of 3-D Illustration

3-D illustrations have a wide variety of elements, but some are the most common ones. In fact! These can be easily used to create the wholesome 3-d effect. Let’s have a quick look at these sub-trends.

3-D Cartoon characters which are disproportionate in size add a unique texture. They hold similarities with the old corporate illustrations, but these are more life-like, interesting, and give an impression on claymation characters.

It becomes much more compelling when cutouts of the 3-D design look like a collage of 2-D cutouts on a 3-D background. This design is often combined with a parallax effect.

Human figures are transformed into anime-style or like 3-D cartoon counterparts.

Where Can You Use 3-D Illustration?

3-D illustrations are versatile and can be used widely, from product designs to web designs. These are used to give a creative flair and produce interactive content.

This wonderful world of 3-d illustrations has a vast range of styles and applications. These can be used to illustrate pie charts, graphs, or infographics. Talking about web designs, they don’t mess up with the typical design trends or typography styles.

Instead, they get easily integrated without making it loud or bulky. They raise the bar of animations and give a perfect twist to the flat images.

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