Top 7 Web Development Languages To Do Programming in 2022

Top 7 Web Development Languages To Do Programming in 2022


The programming and web development industry is rising at an unprecedented rate with the advancement of computer culture.

It seems to be present practically everywhere, from small to large-sized businesses. Undoubtedly, Ecommerce Web Development Companies are making a fortune out of it and are in huge demand.

There’s a certain kind of fear that it’s way difficult to learn to code, and you need to spend a lot of time in this craft, but one thing you’re missing out on is- not all web languages are tough to master.

Some of them are quite easy, to begin with, and you can always add to your calibre. So, let’s see the top 7 web development languages to do programming in 2022.

JavaScript-It’s no secret that JavaScript is the most functional and common web language out of the lot. The reason is you’ll be able to develop web applications both in the backend and frontend.

The best part is that it can run on servers and browsers. In fact! It offers several amusing libraries and frameworks to help you produce your masterpiece.


In recent years there’s been a craze for python language and has gotten a lot of traction.

Although, it’s not new and took its own sweet time to top the radars. It’s extremely popular because of its versatile nature and huge community support.

You’ll get tons of libraries, frameworks, and tools that’ll make your programming smoother and faster.

It’s often advised to learn Python if you’ve just started with web development as it’s easier, to begin with comparatively.


This web development language is known for open-source server-side scripting and has some of the most amazing features of easy integration with other languages, cross-platform compatibility, etc.

Although some people consider it outdated, let me tell you, PHP is not going anywhere, at least in 2022.

Top software giants like Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia mostly rely on PHP for their programming operations.


This programming language is used for app development on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, macOS applications, apple watches, apple T.Vs, etc.

If you’re obsessed with the iOS ecosystem, you’ll enjoy working on the same.

It’s a leader in the mobile apps industry, and with the number of innovations Apple is coming up with, there’s always going to be enough space for Swift Developers.


On the similar lines of Python, Ruby is also quite versatile in its processing. Most people know its use in the Rails web, a development framework.

However, it contains a lot of other applications like proof of concepts, prototyping, data analysis, etc.

One feature that makes it stand out is automatic garbage collection (a form of memory management). Coders find it easy to read in comparison to other web languages.


Java is a popular language that’s famous for its stability. Several studies show that 38% of global users prefer to code in Java as it entails well-maintained libraries and web frameworks.

It is an object-oriented and open-source programming language, thus providing a wider scope.

This language is not beginner-friendly as new coders can easily get lost in the complicated intricacies of long codes.

Once you get familiar with the web development world, learning java is a smart decision.


This one is a modern type of web development language considered JavaScript++ but stays behind C++ in terms of popularity.

It helps to make object-oriented codes easier for JavaScript. It has several debugging tools that help web development run smoother.

As this one is the new-age coding language, many coders are getting attracted to it, and tons of courses are created to teach it.

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