Tips to Save your Magento Website from Online Fraud

The popularity of online shopping is ever increasing, and so is the online fraud. As more and more people are opting to shop online, it is paving ways for fraudster to multiply.

According to market reports, over 5% of the transactions done online are phony. In fact, the number of fraudsters is on the rise, given the current economic status in the world as well as increase in the credit card thefts.

Thought cyber-attack is no news, it is posing severe threat to online merchants and retailers worldwide. Today, an online Magento Store owner is worried as this wrong-doings are implying risk of payments and disputed transactions. Even consumers are feeling the heat and are terrified of using their credit cards on new websites or the ones they don’t trust.

The behavior of a fraudster can be noted in every step involved while making an online purchase. They are basically categorized into three kinds of frauds: Transaction fraud, service fraud and delivery fraud.

Apart from these traditional phishing techniques, fraudsters are exploring new ways to add malicious codes to the ecommerce sites and thus succeed in infringing important data of the customers.

To avoid and alleviate these frauds, Magento Store owners/retailers have started taking note addresses of their customers, regular customers’ black lists and keeping track of high order values. But this is not the ultimate solution when it comes to keeping fraudsters at bay.

When it comes to curbing the fraud, the online ecommerce retailers are facing challenges in keeping their sites secured, assuring customers of safe and trustworthy purchase. Be it Magento, Joomla or any other ecommerce platform, they are vulnerable to phishing. The question is how Magento Website owners can protect their websites from risk of online fraud!

Being one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, Magento is also under threat of fraudsters. Though Magento Store comes with various built-in security features, there are more ways to protect your online store from the smart hackers and enhance Magento security. Thankfully, there are ways to combat online fraud. Here are a few tips to save your Magento Store from smart hackers:

Change Admin Path

Customization of the admin path would be the first move an online retailer should take in order to improve security of the online Magento Store. The reason is that any unchanged path would make it easy for fraudster to hack the Magento store admin page. Therefore, it is always better to change admin path as soon as possible. However, make sure you don’t change the admin base URL while changing the path, as it will smash Magento and you would not be able to access the admin panel.

Update Magento Often

It is advisable to use the latest version of Magento as it helps in avoiding security risks in the software. Upgrading your Magento Store will surely alleviate the old security threats. Read our post on Upgrading your Magento Version to its latest version Magento 2.

Be Careful with Password & Logins

Make sure the username and password of the admin is strong and unique. As in the password should be such that the hacker finds it impossible to crack. It is always advisable to avoid using the same password for more the one logins as it increases the risk of losing all the data. Therefore, always create a unique password for Magento store. Also, use HTTPS/SSL for all login pages. Without encrypted connection, there is always risk of being intercepted by the hackers. You can eliminate the possibility of your site being hacked with encrypted connection by using HTTPS/SSL for all your login pages.

Layer Your Security

It is equally important to use extra layers of authentication of your Magento store. This will surely keep fraudsters at bay. The reason is that the multiple security layers come with a unique security code that is randomly generated in every 30 seconds. Magento has a wide collection of such additional security levels like Rublon to help you keep your Magento store safe from online security threats.

Active Backups

Monitor your site regularly. Opt for an active backup plan for your online Magento store because if your website is hacked, then at least you will not lose your database. Backing up your data ensures continuity of the online store.

Since security being the major concern of every online store, follow these security tips to protect your online Magento store from the possible cyber-crime.

About the Author: Piyush Mathur is working with Planet Web Solution Pvt. Ltd as Project Manager and Senior Web Developer. He is a result-driven young professional with 9 + years’ experience in Web Development, Systems Set up, Technology Administration along with PHP, MySQL, XML, and HTML implementation knowledge. He is also a technocrat with expertise in Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Oscommerce and Zencart open source platforms.

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