The Laravel Ecosystem: Everything You Need To Know

The Laravel Ecosystem–Everything You Need To Know

The Laravel framework and Laravel ecosystem are one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the development industry today. The framework’s speed, scalability, and innovative design are highly rated among developers. However, if you start with this framework, the terminologies and the plethora of services it offers can be pretty confusing. Knowing more about its benefits and packages can help you make better choices.

Everything You Need To Know About The Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Services & Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel mainly provides three paid services, but the results make spending money on it. These services include:


Envoyer is a zero-downtime online development system you can use to deploy your applications. Envoyer is an essential tool for any business if you have applications that should run with no downtime. This service has various vital features, such as GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket Integration, seamless deployment rollbacks, application of health checks, integrated chat notifications, etc.


It is a server management system you can use to deploy Laravel applications and maintain your website servers. Forge makes server management a breeze. You can connect it with your preferred server provider, and Forge will configure Nginx, PHP, Logrotate, OPcache, automatic security updates, etc. It is essential for devlo[pers who want to build their one Laravel project and deploy them as it saves time and effort.


The third service is a serverless platform you can use to deploy your applications. The best part about Vapor is that you can scale your infrastructure when you need it. For example, if ‌there is heavy traffic on a site due to the launch of a new product, your site may get slow or even crash completely, which can be very embarrassing for your business. In such situations, you can increase your server capacity to prevent it. And once the search of traffic has reduced to normal, you can go back to the routine.

All these services are valuable; you need to choose the right one for your site and project requirements. Apart from these services, Laravel also offers various first-party packages. Let’s understand what they are.


Breeze is a basic package that enables you to get all of Laravel’s authentication features on your websites, such as registration login and email verification. Breeze has two versions: Blade and Inertia. Both versions are designed using Tailwind CSS, so you can use both to customize your projects easily.


The cashier is another package that you will find quite valuable for your business. It can handle all your major boilerplate subscription codes, making our job significantly more manageable. The cashier is more complex and multifunctional than Breeze, so it can be not easy if you are a beginner in Laravel, but it is quite an exceptional tool to have.


It is a browser automation package that you can test your application in your browser. It enables you to do a test that stimulants users’ actions in the browser. They are pretty for businesses that develop projects that others will be using. Testing enables you to identify the results of your work and make changes before it’s too late.


Echo is a javascript library from Laravel that makes it seamless to use WebSockets in Laravel applications. With the help of the Echo, you can subscribe to channels and events you broadcast on your application on the server, and it saves you valuable time and effort to write the codes yourself.


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