Want to improve your Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Want to improve your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Does your business have an Instagram account?

Is it set up on the right track?

Does your business Instagram account translate to sales?

Modern businesses need to have an active social media presence to grow and survive. Instagram- a Facebook product is one of the top social media platforms for brands, advertisers, and consumers. If you aren’t active on Instagram, we are sure your competitors are. In order to drive sales and make money out of Instagram, it’s imperative to use Instagram growth and marketing services and come up with viable strategies.

This post includes the top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategy that you can immediately apply to your Instagram account.

1. Grow your Follower Base

If you don’t have many followers, you’ll definitely struggle with post seen. Generating sales without followers is unquestionably a difficult task. If you’re a new brand company, Instagram is the best place to start looking for followers.

Why do users follow Brands on Social Media?

Below is the list of possible reasons behind users intention to follow brands on social media:

  1. Users are interested in offered Products or services.
  2. Users are interested in promotions.
  3. Posts are entertaining.
  4. Users are interested in offered discounts or incentives.
  5. Users are interested in your industry.
  6. Users want to communicate with your brand.
  7. Their friends follow or like the content.
    Grow Your Follower BaseTell your existing customers about your Instagram profile and ask them to follow you. You can start this by sending out messages or e-mails to your email subscribers but make sure you give them a reason to follow you. Also, have an Instagram badge on your website and promote your Instagram profile on other popular social media channels.

When it comes to generating new leads to drive sales, find followers as per your target audience. You need to find accounts similar to yours, i.e., your competitors’ accounts that post content relevant to your industry. Although, we didn’t mean to say that you steal your competitors’ customers. Once you find such accounts, check out its followers and start following them. When users will get the notification, we expect them to check out your page and if they like what your profile displays, they’ll be likely to follow you back. Though it’s a time-consuming process, it really gives results.

Once you are done with adding tons of followers, you are definitely going to drive more sales from your Instagram strategy.

2. First Impression matters

What’s the first thing a user sees when he clicks your Instagram profile?

Of course, they’ll look at your profile picture, biography, and your most recent posts.  That’s why your profile should reflect who you are and what exactly you do.

Putting your logo as your profile picture is more recognizable than any other random picture. And the bio should explain what you actually do in greater detail.  In fact, the bio should include the link to the landing page of your website, encouraging users to sign up for the service. In short, your brand’s Instagram page should grab users’ attention so that you can get more followers, promote your products or services and increase sales.

3. Make your profile Active

Your brand should always be fresh in the minds 0f your followers.  Adding just one or two pictures or videos once a month is not an effective strategy. At the same time, you should not flood your users timelines with your posts and perceived as annoying. That’s why it is important to find the middle ground. Posting one high-quality content or post a day is enough and if you’ve more content to share, it’s better to add it to your Instagram story. Maximum 10-11 posts per week is enough. The timing of your Instagram post also matters.

4. Focus on high-quality Posts

We understand that your ultimate goal is to drive sales. But if you’ll post everything related to product promotion, it’s going to annoy your customers and this can leave an opposite effect on what you’re looking for. That’s why we recommend you to mix up your content. Be funny but that funny part should be relevant to your brand image. It’s completely okay to post non-promotional content but your post should always be free from controversial subjects like politics, religion, race, etc. Follow a casual approach to post a promotional post, do not highlight it by putting words in capital or including quotations with special characters.

5. Go LIVE

Live videos offer opportunity to communicate with your audience in real time because while you broadcast, users can comment. Responding back to those comments can boost your engagement metrics. Live streams can be used to launch new products, introduce your new employee or partner, share your brand’s success stories, in fact you can also host a Q&A session helping you to build a more authentic connection with your followers. There are numerous possibilities with live streams and it depends on your creativity how you’re making the most out of it.

6. Influencer Marketing Services- Partner with Social Influencers

Partnering with social influencers to promote your brand, products or services is an effective tactic. A lot of top marketers confirmed that opting influencer marketing services has been an effective strategy for their business because a lot of followers tend to follow recommendations given by influencers as they believe that they are highly knowledgeable. In short, if you get an influencer loved by your target audience and he/she promotes your brand, you are more likely to have increased sales. You can also work with celebrity influencers, if your pocket allows.  You can look for influencers who have 10K to 50K followers, those who’ve more authentic interactions with their followers and enjoy higher engagement rates.

If you’re striving to locate the right influencer for your business, we can help you.

7. Instagram Advertising Services- Run Targeted ads
Run Targeted Ads

To reach people on Instagram who don’t follow your account it is advisable to opt Instagram paid advertising. As Instagram has been attained by Facebook, you can setup and run the ads in a similar way. The parameters such as location, gender, age, users interests, and more can be used to select your targeted ad audience.

If you’re struggling with running Instagram Advertising Services, please reach us out.

8. Run Contests & Giveaways

Running promotional contests and giveaways are popular strategies to boost audience engagements with brands on social media. Running a profitable giveaway can result in increased sales.

Here’s a look at how Skull Shaver used this strategy on a recent Instagram post.

The company is giving away a Pitbull Shaver to the winning participant. This gives people a valid reason to follow your profile, engage with your brand.

9. Offer Discounts to your followers

Instagram is a great platform to run flash sales. Since Instagram stories last for 24 hours, you can use that post to share promo code. Your followers might feel like they’re only getting great offers and that exclusive feeling will encourage them to buy.

Combining deals and offers with targeted ads can drive huge sales.


Social media has the power to manipulate customer’s buying decisions. You can’t bank alone on website’s organic traffic to sell products or services. You need to take advantage of other distribution channels as well.  All the above mentioned strategies will help you to boost your Instagram presence and increase your sales and conversions.

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