5 Killer Marketing Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday (2019 Edition: Crash Course)

5 killer marketing ideas to boost sales

All the eCommerce entrepreneurs – Black Friday & Cyber Monday– the big shopping days are reaching soon!

Here is a good opportunity for you all to boost the sales and earn the maximum share of the pie.

Below is the list of top 5 effective marketing strategies, proven & tested.

1. Send an e-mail marketing blast.

E-mail marketing

Design e-mails customers love to open.

Send personalized e-mails to your existing clients and potential buyers before the sale begins. E-mail marketing is a proven technique for acquiring more and more customers and increasing sales.

A catchy subject line that grabs users’ attention has more chances to persuade customers. Announce your deals to your prospects in a manner that prompts them to browse your website and make a purchase.

A well-drafted list of positive reviews can build a hesitant customer’s confidence in your brand. Also, the e-mails attached with social proof hold power to increase revenue per e-mail sent.

2. A deal of the hour.

deal of the hour

Let’s take an example to understand this better. For example, if your online store is offering 50 % on everything, then your deal of the hour could be 60% off or more or other combinations of discounts.
To run successful sale campaigns and stay organized on these important days, we advise you to use powerful software/ plugin or app to schedule sales and cope up with the inventory and logistics.&nbsp:

3. Leverage the power of Social Media

social media

The impact of the social media industry on customer’s buying decisions is no more a secret.

Declare your black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on social media at least a week before and then follow it via sending e-mails to prospects and existing clients.

Creating, Scheduling and automating the compelling social media posts revealing different discounts offered is a must in order to avoid the last-minute chaos. Promote your offers on social media groups and forums. To boost sales, your social media posts should get viral before, during and after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Create hype around your store by adding a countdown timer section on the social media page.

4. Initiate Referral Programs.

referal programme

After years of observation on customer’s buying behavior, it’s been noticed that the majority of people rely on someone’s opinion to make a purchase.

Research what interests your target audience, create an appealing reward system with a sense of urgency while maintaining your profitability and make it viral.

5. Start your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotions Early.

Start sharing discount coupons a week or month before the sale days that can be applied on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale only. This way you can increase your reach and improve conversions.

We can be your Black Friday Assistant!

Do you need smarter people to execute the marketing tactics for these Big Shopping Days? We are just one comment away. We can help you to prepare your store ready for the upcoming Shopping Festival of the year. For a detailed discussion, feel free to contact us.

– Crafted by PWS Ecommerce Marketing Experts

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