11 Exquisite Tips to Keep your Users Hooked on your Mobile App


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Technology is an open platform, hence, there’s room for innovation and customization. With the increase in the use of mobile applications penetration, the demand and supply of newest apps are always on the rise. Considering the fact that there are end number of apps (similar to yours) at users’ disposal, and that deleting and downloading other apps is a very easy option for them, it becomes a tedious task to keep them engaged in your app. The biggest fear and hurdle for any mobile app company or developer is to keep users hooked to the app. It is equally important to keep your users hooked to your mobile app as making it. But, how do you do that?

A good app will automatically get famous through word-of-mouth promotion and high app store ratings from existing users. However, there are a few other ways to consider when developing or upgrading the mobile app that will keep your users coming for more. Here are a few easy steps on how to add value to your app and keep your users engaged.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Every customer seeks to get the maximum benefit and satisfaction out of your company. Therefore, customer service is the most important key to unlocking the mystery of customer engagement. All you need to do is to provide your users the best and satisfactory service possible, and you will be able to keep your customers keep coming back to you. To do so, you need to have a real sense of what your customers need and then give them your best. For any app developer, he needs to build an in-app engagement screen where customers can get all the required information about the app, company, and even the app developers. In-app keeps the customers well updated and informed about the latest updates, videos, automated emails and messages, push notifications and other information. A developer can even add a chat feature in the app, which can help users to easily reach out to the company’s customer support team for any queries. These features will increase your user retention ratio.

Performance & Execution Matters:

Building a good mobile app is hard, but to build a successful mobile app takes ample amount of skills and implementation process. An app, in order to succeed, is required to perform explicitly. A good performance makes your app even more enjoyable and efficient. It is a crucial feature in determining the success of your app as it engages the users to your app.

A simple rule to keep your users engaged is to make things easy for them. To approve a good performance, an app should be easy to use and shouldn’t sidetrack the current resources in a mobile device. However, it should also make sure that it doesn’t drain the mobile battery fast. Any loopholes can always be improved through regular updates. Consider including features in your app that increase the performance and keep your user glued. Adding user-friendly features like quick action buttons, or allow using your app in ‘lite mode’, or help them start where they left off in your app and so on.

Speed to Succeed:

Speed is everything in today’s fast moving world of technology. And when it comes to mobile devices, an average smartphone user expects an app to open in 1 second. So until your app has unique features and a zappy speed to offer, your customer is here to stay. You can’t nail customers if your app takes longer to open. In short, the speed of your app determines its success. If it’s not speedy, none of the features in your app are going to work in your favor. In case your app is not fast, it’s time to optimize it and get rid of any lag. Do not load too much heavy content as it will slow the app.

Reflection of the website:

This is the need of the hour as more and more users are opting to operate and surf websites through their smartphones. It has become a challenging job for developers to provide the mirror effect of the websites on mobile devices. An app needs to be equipped with features that provide users the convenience of using it anywhere, be it on mobile or desktop. Developers must apprehend that customers using your website regularly would expect the same navigation categories and search options even while surfing the website through smartphones. Your app should be able to do all that without compromising on the speed. In short, the best way to keep your users stick to your app is to provide them with accessibility to access all the options and categories on their mobile devices just as on the website.

Simplify Login Method:

The first impression is the last…this goes well when it comes to logging in an app. This is the first stage where you either win or lose your users’ interest, even before they start using your app. It’s called onboarding process which simply means account creation or login process.

The onboarding process should be clean and simple. The best way of starting smoothly with your first interaction with users is by giving them options to log in either through Facebook or Google account or as a guest user. After this step, you may ask them to create their account and profile. This will make the process of using the app seamless.

An onboarding is a process that helps turn visitors into customers. It is the first experience and interaction between a user and the app and therefore should be so effortless that the user would want to keep using your app again and again. With end number of apps out there, your app should stand out right from the very first step. User onboarding should be so simple that it brings the first time user to think that your app is exactly what he was looking for.

Right Move at Right Time:

Are you reaching out to your users right now? Ask them to comment at odd hours? Are you sending them notifications to rate your app even if they’ve never used it? One piece of advice: If you want to keep your users around, don’t make the mistake of reaching out at the wrong time.

Usually, app developers make the mistake by blasting end number of things at once in order to keep their users engaged and make money. They fail to understand that such practices annoy the users so much that they would never open your app again. Making money is fine, but not at the cost of losing a good customer. Therefore, it is advisable to introduce features and things in your app in parts.

Although a developer wants his users to experience many things in so little time, it is better to go slow. A right move at a right time will make your app a success. Therefore, the first time a user uses your app, you should focus on their first session only and everything else will come later. The reason is that smartphone users don’t usually spend much time on apps. So, you should know what to present them with and when. Once they get hooked on one thing in your app, they will keep coming for more as it will give them a clear idea about what your app intends to do. Ensure that the right message gets to the right users at the right time.

Optimize In-App Engagement:

In-app engagement is probably the smartest things that mobile app developers have when it comes to engaging users to your app. It can be lucrative as well. However, too much in-app will also spoil the fun. A user will open your app with the aim to get some things done. He is not interested in closing three to four ads in order to reach to your app. If this is the case, then he is definitely not coming again.

Therefore, learn to smartly optimize and monetize your in-apps. You may even encourage your users to purchase your app without pop-up prompts and pay walls. Whatever you do, just make sure your users don’t feel that they have been lured into an expensive mess, or they’ll never stick around to spend time on your app.

Content your app well.

In the fast-evolving world of technology, content is said to be the king, for it either makes or breaks a product. Therefore, keep the content of your app new and appealing. Fresh, relevant and to-the-point content always keep users engaged. It is a sure way to effective marketing and staying ahead of competitors. Generate fresh contents regularly; this will attract your customers to your app as they will know that they find new and exciting information to explore. Also, do not forget to place rich, interactive and quality content if you want to hold your users’ interest. Content that keeps users engaged can include timely quizzes, downloadable offers, social integration, and so on.

The other ways to get quick users’ attention is to market your app well, with good and relevant content. For this, you can collaborate with media channels like radio or television or social media and the web to help engage the audience with your app. The idea is: then more an app reveals fresh and pertinent content, the more the user will get attracted to the app. However, this exercise may prove to be quite challenging and time-consuming for app companies.

Change is Constant

Change is inevitable therefore use it to your advantage by updating your app constantly. Changing the look of your app will keep your users engaged all the time. Their curiosity to find something new will hold your audience to your app. Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference in the appearance of the app. Small changes can make a big impact, like for example add small features, change the color of the button or fonts of your app or content and so on. However, do keep a track of how often u need to make the changes. Too many constant changes may bug the user. Make sure you are not overdoing it. Like for instance, do not keep updating if there is nothing new to offer, or do not make it mandatory to update if your users don’t want to…

Users’ Feedback:

Listening to your users’ problems and resolving their issues can prove to be one of the crucial tricks to keep users engaged with your app. Asking inputs from users will help you to make your app more relevant and user-friendly. Also, asking feedbacks from your users will make them feel important hence increase your user followings. Feedback is the best mechanism to keep getting improvement ideas and stay in constant touch with your users. To make your users hooked to your amazing app, make a note to listen to your users and make them feel that their response is valuable for your company. Usually, companies provide an option of ‘Send us your feedback’ on the app which will allow users to drop their views and suggestions to the company’s support team. However, responding to every feedback, good or bad, is also important.

Rewards & Incentives:

Everyone loves to be rewarded, so does your loyal users. Give your users a definite reason to visit the app at least once every day. And the sure way to do so is to offer them with virtual goodies, timely rewards, and incentives, be in the form of promo codes, loyalty points or cash back schemes, this will not even promote your app but will also gain more user engagements. Such promotional tools will work wonders as you will see the benefits reaping from it soon as you will notice that the daily traffic on our app has increased. You may also choose to give away goodies like free t-shirts, mugs as part of the promotional package.

Bottom Line

Though there is no set rule or technique to retain users or increase user engagement, these exquisite tips will help to keep your users hooked to your mobile app. This means that your work doesn’t end at developing an app, it is equally important to keep your customers happy and glued to your app. Well, do not forget that you are competing with end number of apps doing a similar job as yours. So whatever step u take, make sure it builds your user loyalty and engagement.

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