How much does it Cost to Develop an App like Practo?

Doctor Appoint Booking Apps

Practo like App: Practo Clone

Practo Clone is a Practo like app built with the same concept as of Practo. Practo clone provides a platform to the patients to book the appointment with the right doctor at the right time. Apart from Doctors, people can also book an appointment with the diagnostic labs, rehab center, homecare center, fitness centers, etc.

What is the development cost of Practo like App?

The development cost of the Practo like App would depend on several factors, basic and advanced features and functionalities it offers.

Uber For Doctors

The platform of the App

The native application can be built on two different platforms: Android and iOS. The Android app development cost could be higher as compared to the iOS app development.

Size of the App

Bigger the size of the app more would be its cost.

Design of the App

The design of the app is another factor determining the cost of the app. The core objective of a good design is to provide an excellent user interface, better user experience, and engagement. It is difficult to engage users without effective design. We at PWS, offer the best app design at an economical price.

Developers Cost

The development cost of a Practo like app significantly varies as per the developer’s location, expertise, and experience.

Administration Panel

It includes the features which can be accessed by the admin (Owner) of the App. It includes the data management feature, detailed analytics of the app’s activity, detailed commission earned report, etc. The list of features demanded by the Admin is one of the major cost deciding factor in building Uber For Doctors.

Basic features

The basic features include:

Dashboard for patients

The patients can make the advanced search of the right doctor based on their ailment with the filter option provided in the app. Also, they can book, re-schedule or cancel the appointment with the doctor, provide ratings and reviews to the doctors.

Dashboard for Doctors

The Doctors have to provide detailed information of their profile including experience, specialization, and medical registration no, available working hours, consultation fee, and so on. The doctors can manage their appointments, paperless prescriptions and reports of the patients and payments from here.

Advanced Features

The advanced features include

Geo Location

The patient, as well as doctors, can access each other’s location via Google Maps.

Promo Code/ Referral Code

This feature will help in increasing the reachability of your practo like app. The user can share the referral code with their friends which they have to use at the time of sign up. When the new user will complete their first transaction, they both will get some monetary benefits.

OTP Login

The user will receive a ‘One-time Password’ each type they log in with a new device. This feature will help in increasing the user’s security and prevent fraudulent transactions.


A practo like app can be built in multi languages.

Payment Gateways

The more no. of payment gateways you want to offer in your app, the higher will be the cost.

Push Notifications

This feature will allow the Admin to send short customize messages to its users informing them about an upcoming event, various discount schemes, and any other relevant information.

Bill Estimation

Through this feature, the patient will get an estimated bill each time they book an appointment with the doctor/hospital.

In App Wallet

The cost will be increased if you want to provide in app wallet feature to the users.

There is a great rise in demand for doctor appointment booking apps, that’s why we provide on-demand health care solutions to our clients. All the above features will determine the development cost of a practo like app.

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