Why your E-commerce Website needs a Mobile App


As smartphones and mobile devices increasingly become an important tenet of our day to day life, their exponential popularity has compelled E-commerce businesses to adapt to the small-screened devices in order to reach out to wider audiences.

In this highly digital world, sticking only to an E-commerce website is not enough to promote visibility and sales, no matter how optimized it is. You need an app that can work effectively across all major platforms and allows you to easily manage and update your e-business portal with ease.

Today, mobile apps have become the major force driving growth in the E-commerce sector. According to a study conducted, 85% of consumers prefer a mobile app over mobile websites. An app that can work seamlessly on any online platform and can be fully integrated with any E-commerce portal, have become the necessity for small and large online businesses, equally. Mobile apps of your E-commerce website provide that power and ability to be in control of your online business.

Further, innovation in technology has added more pressure for E-commerce retailers as consumers are becoming more and more aware and specific about their needs and where to find it.

Consumers prefer surfing via mobile apps rather than website browsing. Since the boom of smartphones and tablets, people are multi-tasking on-the-go, doing a lot of their work away from their desktops because of the ease and convenience offered by mobile devices.

And today, the only sure ways to survive and stay strong in this competitive environment is to meet the requirements of these fast-evolving-mobile-savvy consumers and constantly stay abreast with the latest development in the industry. This can be made easy and simple through mobile apps. Here’s why E-commerce businesses need mobile apps to succeed:

Mobile apps are linchpin for your online business:

Accessing retail stores are less of a hassle with apps as more and more people are finding it easier to buy things online through their mobile devices, rather than taking time out to visit the actual shop. Moreover, consumers find the offers and discount offered on E-commerce websites via mobile app are far more money-spinning and cheaper that the brick-and-mortar shops.

Be it an all-in-one service app or several apps for several business domains, apps are the most focused-upon part of having a successful mobile strategy. Apps are a relationship builder and the best gateway to gain more consumers.

In fact, nowadays, apps have become smarter by showing products based on user behavior and preferences, delivering higher performances and enhanced user experience as compared to the conventional websites. This makes E-commerce apps a key factor in building a loyal user-base for businesses. Retailers can lure and engage mobile users by rewarding them with discount coupons and mobile-only deals.

Improved Usability:

Today, the user prefers mobile apps instead of the browser. As per researchers, 78% of users prefer mobile apps on smartphones over mobile browsers. The reason why people prefer top shop through apps is that once downloaded, a user does not have to wait for the website to load and process every time he needs something from that particular E-commerce site.

The usability that mobile apps give enhances the interactivity and engagement between your business and consumers. The online Retailer can also build exclusive functionality into the app for smooth and time-saving navigation. The possibilities are endless.

Push Notifications, a Smart Move:

Though small, push notifications are a highly rewarding niche for your Mobile Applications. They are termed to be the most efficient and highly important add-ons to any app. A tailored push notification can reach out to your users in a better way, and keep them engaged. It smartly sends a timely notification to your consumers alerting them about various offers and campaigns you are running on your website, without having to open the browser or the app. The interested consumer will click on the notification and will be directed right away to the particular App page. Push notification helps you to keep in touch with your consumer without disturbing them or annoying them. Push notifications are highly effective in increasing CTRs and intelligent push notifications have the power to drive user engagement and propel sales.

Better User Experience:

Mobile apps provide a better shopping experience than mobile browsers. Mobile apps give better user experience as a consumer does not have to remember your Ecommerce Website URL nor he has to log in every time he opens your app. All he does is click on the app icon and is directed to your App or respective deal, as per his preference. This kind of user experience helps not only in driving more traffic to your e-store, but also encourages brand loyalty.

Since apps offer a more intense level of user engagement as compared to a website, you will find your consumer returning to your site more often, and eventually, become loyal to your brand. The other way to make your prospect consumer to shop through your app, try luring them with offers like special discounts or free shipping if they shop through your mobile app, to start with.

The other reason mobile app provides a better experience is because the payments options are easier and safer on apps. Due to the highly secure payment processing system in the mobile apps, both consumers and suppliers can be assured of a secure and encrypted transaction through the mobile app.


In short, mobile apps should be a keystone to your business strategy. A mobile app offers multiple advantages both to the retailers as well as consumers. Since publishing your app is a start to a loyal relationship with your consumers, your goal should be to offer flawless and personalized user experience to them. Some of the other advantages of mobile apps are better accessibility, quicker purchases and timely updates on the latest offers. With the intention to provide the best user experience, E-commerce businesses around the world are hiring and availing the services of professional mobile app development companies.

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